Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chaos forces raid Ceti

Death Guard vs. Necrons @2000

- win to Death Guard

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sisters of Quartz act to prevent the Ignotum being found

KT Sisters of Quartz vs. Emerald Serpent
 - Win to Harlequins

KT Sisters of Quart vs. Hammers of the Emperor
 - Win to loyalists

Enkvist rescue mission becomes confused encounter

KT Emerald Serpent vs. Hive Fleet Kraken vs. Dark Eldar
 - Dark Eldar
 1st, Novgorod Guard
 2nd, Thousand Sons (Emerald Serpent)
 - Enkvist escapes but the Dark Eldar take more prisoners and find leads to the Foramen Ignotum (but no clues). Emerald Serpent are eliminated

Chaos forces uncover location of Lysis system

Despite the failure of the Black Legion main force against the tyranids and Emerald Serpent, the chaos legion eventually found success in the underground catacombs of the neighbouring system. Many of the worlds orbiting old stars near the rifts of Hecate were known to be locations of the former Bahotek dynasty so the Tau were systematically investigating them one by one. This made it easier for the Black Legion, who had no access to detailed surveys of each system and were low on manpower. Rather than conduct their own surveys, the chaos Legion simply waited until the tau found something of interest, then attempted to steal it by force. 

The activity of traitor marine units in the Hadron Deeps had however drawn the attention of the Dark Angels. Intending to prevent the dark gods from discovering any useful information and intent on punishing the traitorous Black Legion, a squad of imperial astartes secretly followed the chaos team into the underground complex. 

The tau detected both forces as they approached, opening fire on the chaos forces first, but the fight soon dissolved into a disorganised skirmish throughout the necron ruins. The Black Legion used this confusion to their advantage, stealing the tau research before ensuring the Dark Angels were eliminated. Having achieved their goals the traitor astartes made good their escape. The tau expedition had suffered a set back, but the Dark Angels had lost a squad for no gain whatsoever. Back at their temporary base protected by iconoclast escort vessels, the Black Legion analysed the stolen data, realising they had uncovered the location to the final necron device. 

Hadron Expanse: Chaos forces clash with Hive Fleet Eclipse

The search for clues in the Hadron Expanse accelerated into 10.018M42. Multiple Chaos war bands outside the control of either the Emerald Serpent or Warsmith Stahl looked to the Foramen Ignotum and the deep Expanse in order to advance their own position in they eyes of their patron gods. 

A group of Emperor’s Children ended up running into the Black Legion on an insignificant world, where rumours from the warp of ancient xenos secrets had led them. Whether their encounter was by chance only the dark powers can know, but the two forces showed no sign of working together to find the prize, immediately engaging one another. The disturbance alerted vanguard forces of a tyranid splinter fleet, designated Eclipse by the imperium. The confused battle escalated, with all sides committing more forces to the engagement. Eventually the Emerald Serpent drove off the tyranids and the Black legion, who had suffered the worst in the encounter. Nevertheless the Emperor’s Children found nothing, the Hive Mind of Eclipse having already discovered and ingested information contained in the almost hidden necron ruins. The Emperors Children had won the battle, but the tyranids now knew the location of the Lysis system, where the necron device capable of creating the Foramen could be found. 

Destino: Cybixx launches invasion

Despite Vorushko attempting to get hold of Archmagos Cybixx and ascertain his intentions, it seemed Cybixx was in no mood to talk. Despite Vorushko's declaration of a cesation in Crusade hostilities, Cybixx and his battlestation Mallem Cybixxum arrived at the Destino system in mid 10_018M42 with obvious hostile intent. The archmagos demanded that the system surrender, or his battlestation would pursuade them. When there was no reply Cybixx began to make plans to invade the outer worlds. The invasion of Destino VI was unopposed, but on Destino IV, amongst the snowy terrain, the loyalist bases had been bolstered by the arrival of House Corvus and Legio Dominus.


Following Cybixx's every move, the Legio communicated directly with the Crusade Mechanicum, denouncing the Archmagos as a traitor and a heretic, with mad ambitions and an obsession with Xenos artefacts. Enraged, Cybixx himself led the invasion force on the ice world, leading his army of half machines against the proud knights of House Corvus. Unfortunately for the loyalists, the accuracy of fire from the Knights Errants' Thermal cannons was far below expectations, and the combined failure of the Knights in general to deal with Cybixx's robots would cost them dearly. Withering fire from the Archmagos' robots and walkers quickly destroyed the vanguard of House Corvus, and an outflanking assault by electropriests silenced the Helverins supporting.


Legio Dominus kept fighting until the end, but for Cybixx the assault had been a mere distraction. While he was fighting House Corvus his real plan was to destroy the underground silos that protected the world. Achieving this with 100% efficiency, the system could now no longer defend itself against close assault by Cybixx's battlestation. Realising this, the remaining Knights and loyalists who could leave, fled for the inner worlds.


Cybixx did not have everything his own way on the invasion however. In response to the fighting on Destino IV, the Knights of house Stroganoff relocated a small contingent of their forces in the Destino system to the outer world of Destino VI. Unprepared for such a strange counter-offensive, the crusade mechanicum were taken by surprise. Rapidly outgunned as the Knights pressed in against the small garisson force, the Mechanicum abandoned the world, giving Cybixx pause for thought and a clear message that the loyalists would fight him for every inch of Destino. However, without a fleet in system, it was only a matter of time before the system fell to Cybixx.


The loyalists immediately attempted to ask Vorushko why Cybixx was still attacking when the crusade had declared a truce. Time delays with warp communication would delay an answer by at least a week, in which time Cybixx prepared plans for any type of response from his Inquisitor Lord...


Boltarean: Dark Eldar raid Necron tomb

With the Thousand Sons taking the brunt of Stahl's anger in the Perseus Deeps, in the Hadron Expanse the Emerald Serpent, having lost their grip on any control over the Chaos worlds in that region, focussed all their attention to consolidating their gains on their Boltarean fastness. In order to progress this, their sorcerors began investigating the ancient tombs of the Bahotek dynasty that littered the inner planet. This action however set of many unseen alarms, notifying the Aeldari of trespass on the forbidden and long sealed catacombs. Once again, sensing personal profit, the Drukhari of the Crimson Blade led by Vlokarion sprung into action on behalf of their race, appearing without warning through the webway portals hidden on the inner dust planet.


The Emerald serpent summoned a host of daemons in a defensive response, but the Dark Eldar were too fast and efficient to be troubled by the denizens of the warp. One by one the warp spawned abominations were banished to the Empyrean, and in a similar methodical fashion each Necron tomb was ransacked, its riches and artefacts stolen and many of the catacombs blown up by Vlokarion's assault. Then the Dark Eldar disappeared back into the webway, satisfied with the denial of knowledge to the worshippers of the dark gods, and counting the loot of a highly profitable excursion. Vlokarion mused as he looked upon the vast array of necron artefacts. How much would Tarquil pay for these?

Mordecai: Stahl asserts dominance

Following recent and continuing reversals of fortune for chaos, Warsmith Stahl had gone into his worst rage yet, ranting and raving and yelling all manner of obscene profanities when refering to his allies, particularly the Emerald Serpent, who he saw has primarily responsible for the invasion of Mordecai, but also for generally pursuing strategies not helpful to the overall cause of chaos. He also reserved a bitter tirade against Lord Tragean, who had taken his fleet to the Hadron Expanse seeking riches, instead of staying to help with the shoring up of the base at Mordecai.


Although the daemon princes of the Emerald Serpent were avoiding Stahl, the Thousand Sons on Mordecai were not so fortunate. In order to assert his dominance as Master of Chaos and ensure the smaller factions followed his plans according to his design, the Warsmith brutally attacked the tzeentch legion. A shard of Magnus was summoned once more to defend his battle brothers, but the tzeentch legion - previously the Prophet's of Sotek, were ultimately destroyed by the Iron Warriors' implacable weight of fire. Mordecai now looked to the Warsmith for its defence, leaving the Emerald Serpent isolated in the Hadron Expanse.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Imperium: A strategic nightmare

By the middle of 10.018M42 the Imperial strategic position in the Aleph sector had become extremely complex. Sector Commander Titus Luthor demanded an overview from his staff in order to provide a coherent strategy across the sector. The major ongoing theatres of war were understood. The Imperium needed to control and maintain the Foramen Interdictum in order to supply worlds the on the wrong side of the Cicatrix Maledictum. In addition with the rumours of the Foramen Ignotum and the opening up of the Hadron Expanse it was critical that the region be both exploited and protected from Xenos domination, especially against the Tau-Federal Alliance who sought to establish hegemony over the human worlds so long cut off from the Imperium.


Luthor had been in personal audience with Roboute Guilliman in order to get a judgement on the Inquisition war which had torn the Imperium apart since the Librian crisis. Guilliman's response had been clear. He was not going to intervene in petty disagreements and if the sector commander couldn't manage the problem of two Inquisitors then perhaps he should not be a sector commander. Fortunately for Luthor, with the renewed assault on chaos, the loyalist-crusade split had drastically calmed down, although the bad blood and disagreement had not been resolved and continued to boil up every now and then.


Of primary concern to Luthor was the active fronts against chaos near the Perseus Deeps. The successful taking of Paradorn from chaos had shorn up one end of the Foramen Interdictum, and the Imperium controlled Destino and technically Vandrax in the Foramen Minoris, giving effective control of both arms of the channel. Only Tarlius held out, heavily fortified by Stahl, but the Imperium had made a joint "crusade-loyalist" invasion effort, since Vorushko called a halt to Crusade offensive operations against the loyalists in late 09.018M42.


This declaration of a truce between Hathek and Vorushko was mainly motivated by Vorushko's wish to carry the war to the heretical forces of chaos. She was still adamant that the Foramen Minoris would have to be destroyed, but her control over Vandrax through Archmagos Cybixx all but assured that, or so she believed. The truth was a war between imperial forces in the Foramen only aided chaos, something neither Hathek nor Vorushko were prepared to accept.


In the Hadron Expanse Admiral Barham and General Chuikov led the main effort against chiefly the Alliance in the Echo Cluster. Small units did make forays into the Depths of the Expanse in order to search for the Foramen Ignotum, and it was here that the Crusade/loyalist situation would flare up again, as neither side wanted the other finding the ancillary channel. Vorushko, not surprisingly, was seeking to eliminate the extra channel.


The truce between the two sides of the Inquisition conflict was mostly holding however, despite the Grey Knights consistently conducting purges against Hathek's loyalist guard regiments, drawing the ire of General Patreus at Tarlius and General Cherenkov, head of the Novgorod regiments. then, in early 10.018M42 the Grey Knights, Space Wolves and Imperial Fists, with the agreement from General Cherenkov and Admiral D'Oyly-Hughes, made a full scale invasion of Mordecai Tersius. This opened up a second front against chaos but put Imperial resources at full stretch.


To cover both the Tarlius and Mordecai wars, with Stahl's fleet at Tarlius and Thok at Mordecai, two battlefleets were needed to maintain the operations. D'Oyly-Hughes at Mordecai and Collingwood at Tarlius. This however meant that with Enkvist's fleet in the Expanse all but destroyed by the Dark Eldar, Admiral Barham could not be reinforced and would have to face the Tau and federal fleets alone. Pendragon and Somerville could not be spared from their duties protecting the Vastrid and Valitane subsectors, and this arrangement already left Destino and the entire Zadoc subsector without capital ships.


Luthor also wanted a single commander in charge of ground forces (except astartes) and raised up General Cherenkov to be overall commander of Imperial Guard forces: Perseus Deeps. This irritated General Veers on Bastien and Patreus at Tarlius, but the Novgorod regiments formed the bulk of the fighting capability of the sector, and Titus could not afford to affront them. The Grey Knights agreed to waive their objections to the remaining Novgorod regiments, providing they were not exposed to the daemon threat, and a war council was convened for the "Foramen Front" - comprising of the invasions of Mordecai and Tarlius.


Foramen Front War Council

•             General Patreus: Commander of operations at Tarlius

•             General Cherenkov: Overall commander and commander of operations at Mordecai

•             Imperial Fists Captain Ajax

•             Lord inquisitor Hector Rex

•             Admiral D’Oyly-Hughes: Mordecai

•             Admiral Collingwood: Tarlius


A separate council was created for the Hadron Expanse Campaign. the addition of Vorushko to the Expanse council and the omission of Hathek seriously annoyed the Lord Inquisitor, but Luthor had had enough of Hathek, advising that he should busy himself looking for Heresy within rather than playing strategist. Vorushko, with her contacts at Terra and her position far away in the expanse all but guaranteed her involvement in the hadron planning.


Hadron Expanse Council

•             inquisitor Vorushko

•             Admiral Barham 

•             General Chuikov: Overall commander, ground forces


By the middle of 10.018M42 Sector Commander Luthor felt he had established control over the strategic situation, however he was about to be severely disappointed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hadron Expanse: Search for clues continues

The Federacy, with their knowledge of the necron key, contacted their Tau allies in order to broaden the search for the system where the necron device may be located. The Tau responded by sending several messenger vessels with small recon teams in order to scout local systems. Most were found with no sign of ever having had habitation, but one seemed to show promise. The recon team landed on the single world which harboured life, although no intelligent organisms were found. Among the snow covered landscape however, ruins were detected, and the tau began a systematic sweep.

The tau were swiftly set upon by graceful warriors clad in alien armour. Unbeknowst to the tau, the harlequin troupe known to the Aeldari as the "Sisters of Quartz" had been tracknig the tau movements across the sector. Now the tau had encroached on a world the Sisters saw as theirs to protect. The system contained many ancient necron secrets, as well as the location of the system the necron device. Although the Kel Sandros eldar were openly helping the tau, the harlequins were growing concerned over Tarquil's presumptuous hubris.

Rather than discuss the situation, the Sisters of Quartz simply engaged the tau in combat, shooting down drones and killing the tau commander with a fusion pistol. The tau fought back, but they were so shocked at being engaged by Aeldari forces, they did not make any progress into the ruins, and instead chose to abandon the search on this world, reporting their contact with the eldar to their command.

Meanwhile the Grey Knights and Ultramarines came to blows in a small skirmish on another outlying world. How exactly this occurred is unknown, as the clash happened well outside imperial jurisdiction, but no doubt messages from the Ultramarines in the Foramen had reached their brothers in the expanse, and the Crusade were now seen as potential enemies. In any case, the Ultramarines were driven off. Whether the Grey Knights found anything of use is also unknown.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Astartes invade Mordecai System

The Imperium had long desired to take out the Mordecai system from under chaos control. As a major industrial and fleet base the system had rose to pre-eminence following the loss of Bastien to the Imperium and Calliden to the Necrons. The raids by the Grey Knights and Imperial Fists in 018M42 and the securing of Paradorn had led to a strategic situation in the Perseus Deeps which now made a concerted effort to invade the system at least possible. Thok remained at Mordecai, but with the combined fleets of Barham and D'Oyly-Hughes arrayed against him, as well as space marine vessels, Thok declined an all-out battle for the outer planet, preferring to stay over Mordecai Primaris and await the outcome of the war on the ground.

The Emerald Serpent, now fighting on two fronts - in the Expanse and in the Perseus Deeps, could not afford to defend the initial landings by the Imperial Forces, which now consisted of several guard regiments waiting for the astartes to create a bridgehead. Crucial would be the pacification of Slaydon and its command and control centre. Without Salydon, the Imperium would be at the mercy of the ICBM system controlled from the city raining munitions on them as they tried to make planetfall en-masse.

The Imperial Fists and Grey Knights were joined by the Space Wolves on this assault, making the invasion a truly Imperial astartes effort, although the tension between the Grey Knights and the Wolves was palpable. In order to remedy this, in the vanguard assault on Slaydon, the Grey Knights and Imperial Fists used their less trusted allies as bait to draw out the enemy guns' positions. The Imperial main force then arrived, crippling a shadowsword a hellhammer and destroying many leman Russ battle tanks arrayed in defensive positions around the city. Tzeentch then showed his real hand as a warhound titan, three knights from the Aether Striders and a baneblade appeared, coming to reinforce their brethren, while one knight successfully outflanked the imperial advance and began tearing into the Space Wolf armoured vehicles. A short time later, the Thousand Sons of the Emerald Serpent appeared with the thrice accursed Ahriman and a daemon prince at their head, swiftly taking control of vital objectives.

In response, the Imperial Fists advanced from their fortified positions while continuing to lay down heavy fire on the enemy super heavy vehicles. However, even with the vision of their primarch Rogal Dorn leading them their fire power did not have the desired effect. A strike force of grey knight paladins used their psychic might to destroy the crippled hellhamer and then attempted to reposition themselves in order to go after the warhound. In a stroke of bad luck this failed but the paladins were able to assault a knight valiant, avoiding its powerful flamer thanks to the psychic powers of Lord inquisitor Hector Rex leading them. They quickly despatched the war engine only to find themselves surrounded by cultists with a warhound towering overhead. In the centre, the space wolves own group of elite terminators crashed into the thousand sons lines, the memories of prospero seeming to give their attacks extra weight. Crusaders and ministorum priests clearly corrupted by chaos then advanced, attempting to clear grey knight strike squads off of critical objectives but with only moderate success. The outskirts of Slaydon had by now become a bloodbath of wrecked vehicles and maimed bodies, but neither side held the initiative. The battle was in the balance.

In the final stages off the battle the paladins were finally laid low by the warhound. The thousand sons, their durability boosted by chaos magicks began to turn the tide on the elite space wolf terminators and with the help of a baneblade destroyed most of their number leaving only the leaders alive. The very last remaining space wolves managed just barely to once again wrestle control of the central objective from the thousand sons, the gate to the underground missile silo, while the imperial fists cleared the remaining cultists in the centre, taking more vital ground. At the same time, the chaotic crusaders were finally brought down by the Grey Knights while the Ordo Malleus transports heroically blocked the path of an Aether Strider's knight for long enough for them to seize and hold that objective.

The Space Marines had held on, just barely, to their objectives, long enough for elite teams to get inside the subterranean vaults and lay charges on the missile silos. As the astartes forces made a hasty retreat, a giant mushroom cloud outside the city signalled the end of Mordecai Tersius' planetary defensives, and the astartes commanders signalled to the overall Imperial Guard commander, General Cherenkov, to begin unloading his guard forces. The Imperium had made a successful landing on the chaos world.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Chaotic skirmish finds clues to the Foramen Ignotum

On an unclassified desert world deep in the Hadron Expanse the tendrils of Nemesis were beginning to make themselves felt. The genestealers on the hulk named "Perditious" in the depths of space were not the only bands of these vicious creatures found in the expanse. In early 10.018M42 the Grey Knights, responding to an emergency distress call from a small mining colony not heard from in a thousand years, made contact with a few dozen of the creatures. The astartes were able to dispatch the aliens but no trace of the miners was found. However the mechanicum agents working with the Grey Knights determined that signal from the colony was actually far older, and warned of something far worse.

Further investigation of the mining settlement revealed the presence of the miners' finds, an ancient Xenos artefact, and strange cartographic references in an ancient alien tongue, describing a device which would "push back" the immaterium. That's as far as the miners had got before they had mysteriously disappeared, but the Grey Knights realised this could be a breakthrough in finding the Foramen Ignotum. An ancient alien device to "push back" the warp was certainly involved in the Foramen Iterdictum, so the small squad of Ordo Malleus marines moved swiftly to secure the ruins. They were not alone.

The Grey Knights were not the only responders to the distress call. The Federacy had sent an away team to the world to investigate, similarly interested in leads to the Foramen Ignotum, and the loyalist Mechanicum of Legio Dominus had been secretly listening in on the Grey Knights' conversations with their Adeptus Mechanicus aids from a small escort vessel in orbit. Now they landed a Skitarii unit to ensure the technology did not end up in Cybixx's hands. Legio Dominus were mistrustful of Cybixx and his cronies, and were keeping tabs on all of the "Crusade" mechanicus activities. In addition the deaths of the genestealers at the mining base now drew yet more to the scene, curious as to why their activities had been disrupted by interlopers.

The four forces descended on the mining installation some twenty kilometers west of the ruins of the mining settlement at about the same time. The Grey Knights, supremely confident, moved swiftly to secure the mine entrance and its contents. The Federal force, a full squad of Librian soldiers and a special weapons team, made their life difficult however, as they opened fire from concealed positions. Legio Corvus laid down a fire screen on the Grey Knights as the genestealers stalked their prey from the shadows.

The Grey Knights found themselves caught in a merciless crossfire from Legion Dominus and the Federal forces, and at the critical moment the genestealers charged. A swirling melee developed over the Mine entrance, giving the Federal troopers, then the adeptus mechanicus skitarii, time to move up and engage their enemies with brutal close range weapons. Flamers and grenades were used on both the astartes and the genestealers as they approached, and although both the Grey Knights and Legio Dominus shot many of the Federal troopers, not one was hurt badly enough to take them out of the fight.

The Grey Knights were quickly overwhelmed although they caused enough damage to the genestealers to severely blunt their attack, eventually driving them off. The skitarii then had to face the Federal Troops, who although had many lightly wounded, all but one were still capable of fighting. After a brief search of the ruins the skitarri withdrew, leaving the Federacy in command of the battlefield. In the mine, the federal troops found the artefact they ad been looking for, an ancient Xenos item believed to be a necron key to the phallus astronomicus or "device", capable of creating stable passageways through the Cicatrix. Where the actual device was they still did not know, but before they withdrew the skitarri of Legio Dominus had found their own clue - a map of the planet Hexis in an unmarked star system in the Expanse. Here they believed the key would be able to activate the device, but where the system was, no one knew.

Enkvist’s battlegroup massacred by Dark Eldar

Despite the eldar attacks at Vespae and the ongoing war against chaos in the Echo cluster, inquisitor Huron was still not about to give up on uncovering the secrets of the system. Having secured the Dnatha system for the time being, Huron once again requisitioned forces to make the warp transit to the Vespae system. This time he ordered the entirety of Enkvist’s battle group to accompany his ground forces, in the belief that the eldar and their dark kin lacked sufficient naval forces to contest an imperial battle group. He was wrong. 

The dark eldar fleet attacked without warning, employing their mimic engines to close to devastating short range. Unable to deal with the fast and agile Drukhari vessels, Enkvist’s fleet was torn apart. Little is known about the fate of the four capital ships under Enkvist’s command but only two imperial escorts returned, reporting that they had managed to destroy one Xenos vessel, but that the fate of the admiral and the inquisitor remained uncertain. 

Alliance defeated at Dnatha

Having secured their immediate aims in the Aleph subsector the Eldar of Kel Sandros had once more faded back into the webway, content to watch the squabbles of lessor races from a distance. The conditions for Tau and Federal expansion were in place, secured with Eldar blood and Tarquil was determined that no more would be spent. For now it was enough to have tipped the balance of probabilities, Alliances forces would have to pay the price for conquest in their own dead.

That conquest had been lack luster and Tarquil had watched in frustration as the Imperium became resurgent. The Alliance had made progress, but it was far less than could have been hoped. Now Eldar agents had uncovered an Imperial task force moving to secure the Tau holding of Dnatha. Although seemingly an unimportant world in itself the Alliance position in the Hadron expanse was becoming increasingly tenuous. The troop movements had been discovered with insufficient time for the Tau to reposition their own forces, burdened as they were with long supply routes and technologically primitive methods of space travel. Reluctantly Tarquil realised he must commit the warhost or stand by and watch another Tau setback to the Imperium.

The Imperial task force was strongly supported by the knightly household of Stroganoff. To defeat such mighty, if inelegant, warmachines with minimal casualties would require finesse and guile. To this end the Eldar waited until the task force's strength was split and then baited the lead element into an all out attack with a display of weakness. Sighting the tiny warhost in the ruins ahead the Knights of Stroganoff immediately launched themselves forward without thought of the consequences.

As the lead knights outpaced their supporting infantry the Eldar sprung their trap, the warhost revealing its full strength as it raced from cloaked positions within the concealing terrain. Within seconds the first knight fell in a storm of fire. Without pause or hesitation the warhost wheeled as one and focused its fire on the second knight. As power fields flickered and failed the second knight fell, but the threads of fate that spelt its doom also spelt the doom of the Eldar. As its legs buckled the primitive power core breached and exploded, detonating in a massive mushroom cloud that killed in a stroke many times more Eldar than had been lost to enemy fire until that point.

Worst was to come as a third knight finally arrived to support its now destroyed brothers. As it focused the full power of its melta broadside against a damaged Fire Prism the energies harnessed within the grav tanks crystal matrix broke lose. Failsafes kicked in but failed to contain the cascading energy and it exploded, ripping the heart from the Eldar warhost.

Battered but unbroken the remaining warriors focused their fire on the last knight. As its systems failed its commander activated the ancient machines self destruct in a final act of spite. The titanic explosion robbed the warhost of the last of its strength. Although only poorly equipped human infantry remained the Eldar no longer had the forces left to exterminate them. Horrified at the bloodshed Tarquil could only reflect on the bitter irony that it was the primitive and unreliable nature of the Mon-keighs technology that had granted them victory. Determined that no more Eldar blood should be spilt in defence of this alien backwater Tarquil issued the order to withdraw. They would have to find another way to bolster the Tau's wavering strength in the Hadron expanse.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Cybixx completes the Mallem Cybixxum

The knowledge of the battle station being built by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Cybixx was soon leaked to the loyalist faction through Hathek's spy and surveillance network. Hathek, "suggesting" to the Ultramarines that the battlestation may be heretical, the astartes despatched a company strength force to Vandrax to investigate. Their strike cruiser held on board a team of Hathek's loyalist Adeptus Mechanicus, who declared the battlestation, known as "Mallem Cybixxum" to be heretical and of Xenos origin. Enraged by this, the Ultramarines landed on Vandrax itself, demanding that Cybixx hand himself over to the Inquisition. Unaware of the wider Crusade implications and the ongoing disagreement between Vorushko and Hathek, the Ultramarines were naive in expecting Cybixx to comply. Without explaining to them, Cybixx launched a carefully calculated assault on the astartes.

It was Cybixx's intention to leave no marine alive, but a small number of devastator marines and at least one officer of the investigating company managed to disengage and escape from the ferocious battle which developed. Fleeing rapidly, the ultramarines broadcast plans of the space station to Hathek and his allies. 

Vorushko intercepted the astropathic signal intended for Hathek and sent her own urgent message back to Cybixx, demanding confirmation that the battle station had been built in line with their plans to close the Foramen Secundus. From Cybixx there was no reply.