Imperium of Mankind

Imperial Guard

Librian Guard (active - EXCOMMUNICATE TRAITORIS)

Darrantine Guard (active - EXCOMMUNICATE TRAITORIS)

Lycaon Guard (active)

Vedrian Guard (unknown)

Porphyrian Guard (redeployed)

Volscian Guard (active)

Vannaheim Guard (active)

Novgorod Guard (active)

Lunar Guard (active)

Prozan Cavalry (redeployed)

Corellian Storm Guard (redeployed)
 - Corellia is the second planet in the Corellian system and is the governmental seat for the sector. Corellian military doctrine rests on the fundamental concept of the primacy of the offensive. It focuses on concentrated armoured assaults on areas of the enemy lines which are viewed as either weak or strategically important. These assaults are to be supported by mechanised infantry and close air support.

Praetorian 42nd (active)
 - The Praetorian Guard 42nd regiment have been in the Aleph Sector for a long time. Commanded by General Bloodknock they have been involved in most campaigns. Their particular command structure and poor communications equipment however have let them down on a number of occasions. Dogma meant they only took their orders directly from Imperial sector HQ, which often meant orders are late or out of date by the time they get to the regiment.

The 42nd first saw action on Aleph 4 against the Tiger Claws in 001.M42 before being transferred to Ciprex 3. Here they were at the forefront of the defence of the planet against the tau in 001.M42. Later the regiment returned to Aleph 4 and were unfortunate to be unaware that the UFP were the enemy for a number of months. This led the Praetorians to become involved in their most famous (and notorious) action, fighting Dark Angel marines on one flank and the Federacy on another. More recently the praetorians have fought on Melberg, Tarsis Major and in the Perseus Deeps campaigns. They also had a plan to retake Tarsis Major by themselves, taking at least 15 years to complete. Their request was denied.

Adeptus Asartes

Blood Martyrs (eliminated)
 - The Blood Martyrs are from a recent founding of the Blood Angels but have avoided the negative side effects of the red thirst in their genes. As such while they look much like blood angels their chapter is organised in much the same way as any other standard marine chapter. 

The Blood Martyrs arrived in the Aleph subsector a decades ago and have fought in the front line of every conflict since then. Unfortunately they suffered heavy casualties and were down to just 4 operational companies by the end of 005.M42. As such they were withdrawn from front line service for a time to allow the replenishment of their numbers.

In 007.M42, after their failure on Cernunnos, the Blood Martyrs successfully defeated the Tau on Myrentas II, stabilising the front line, and in operation Moritorium managed to force the Eldar from the island city of Selimac on Ravitane.

However in 015M42 the Blood Martyrs were all but eliminated in the opening shots of the Crusade. Generally regarded as an unreliable chapter, the Blood Martyrs have since withdrawn from active service as they are down to fewer than one hundred battle ready marines.

The Blood Martyr's Home world is the planet of Cathanthion in the Cathus system (Aleph Sector, segmentum Ultima). The system is relatively isolated being far from the main warp lanes, but is roughly half way between Ciprex and Melberg, well placed for actions in the Aleph and Vastrid subsectors. Cathanthion itself is a hot desert covered dust planet with little oxygen. It is home to the Blood Martyrs marines and auxiliaries and is in constant action maintaining and resupplying the Blood Martyrs war machine.

Sky Lords (active)
Homeworld: Kolob, 
Parent Legion: Ultramarines
Founding: ?

Ultramarines (redeployed)

Space Wolves (active)

Minotaurs (redeployed)

Carcharadons (eliminated)

Black Templars (redeployed)

Howling Griffons (active)

Imperial Fists (active)

The Relictors (disappeared)

 - Founded in the 36th millennium as one of the twenty Astartes Praeses Chapters, created to protect the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror. The Relictors were a radical chapter that utilised the weapons of Chaos to destroy the minions of Chaos themselves. This frequently brought them into conflict with the Inquisition, eventually culminating in their being stripped of their homeworld and being sent on penitent crusade. Continued conflict with the Inquisition during the 13th Black Crusade resulted in their being excommunicated and all but destroyed by the Grey Knights. Only a few hundred now remain.

Their power armour is dark grey (including trim) with black shoulder pads, and often bears white penitence markings. The Chapter participated in both the Third War for Armageddon and the defence of the Cadian sector against the 13th Black Crusade. More recently a few companies were found in the Aleph sector chiefly fighting against the Iron warriors and Lord Traegen's hordes. One company even pursued the fleeing Chaos marines through the warp gate on Aleph 4 onto Kendrenec itself. They have not been heard from since.

Blood Hawks (redeployed)
 - The Blood Hawks were a standard marine chapter with a very normal organisation. They arrived in the aleph sector in 003.M42 and were immediately pressed into service, though their record wasless than impressive. In the battle for Hartak their failure at the "battle for Pangoin Pass" became legendary with almost half the chapter destroyed. Later their defeat by the Eldar when Banderossa was invaded almost led to the collapse of the Imperial rule on the planet and directly led to loss of Thakor on Hartak. However the Blood Hawks did score some successes, notably against the Dark Exterminators. The Chapter left the sector in 005.M42 after fighting on Banderossa.

Other Imperial Forces

Adeptus Mechanicus

Cybixx Crusade Mechanicus (active)

Order of the Crimson Veil (Adeptus Sororitas) (left)

Grey Knights (active)

Forces of Chaos

Forces of the Iron Warriors 144th Grand Company (active)

Commanded by Warsmith Lycurgus Stahl

 - Like many Chaos Warlords, Lycurgus Stahl has a core of truly loyal forces then disparate warbands that owe allegiance to him.

Iron Warriors 144th Grand Company

 - The Iron Warriors 144th Grand Company form Stahl's core forces and have sworn loyalty to him since the Scouring. The Warriors of the 144th are well armed and armoured, greater than many Iron Warrior Warbands due to their dominion over the Charybids system and it’s Forgeworld. Nevertheless most technologies from the time of the Heresy have had to be heavily modified to remain functional, often beyond all recognition. With Stahl’s master over the melding of the Bionic, Biologic and Infernal, the 144th field a large number of daemonic warmachines, including Decimators, Hellbrutes and Maulerfiends, it is rumoured Stahl's mastery is why there remains a large obliterator cult within the 144th. Failed experiments of Stahl are thrown onto the battlefield in great herds to choke the guns of the enemy. Most of the warriors of the 144th are heavily bionically enhanced, with some still showing obvious mutation that has yet to be replaced.

Unlike their historic nickname of the “Corpsegrinders” given the Iron Warriors the 144th do not easily throw their lives away, far more willing for a vassal warband or mortal elements to die in their place while they take the real objectives and obtain correct firing solutions. The 144th still model itself upon the organisation of the Grand Company it once was to a lesser extent, Stahl having to modify organisation to changing dynamics.

Death Guard – “The Covenant of Rust” Warband
 - The Death Guards leader, only known as “Entropic Lord” is said to owe a debt to Stahl that is continually increased, and the Death Guard themselves only too happy to pay. Whether or not the Covenant of Rust obey Mortarion is unknown. What is known that they worked with Stahl in unleashing plagues upon his own slave populace to unleash upon the Imperium.

“The Forlorn” – Khorne Berzerkers
 - How the Forlorn came into the service of Stahl is unknown, but the best guess is the services of an experienced Apothecary is too tempting to give up on. What is known is the Forlorn are thrown into the thickest, deadliest fighting, and throw themselves at the enemy in Iron Warriors supplied Rhino’s. Many reports show the Berzerker assault sections tearing through whole regiments before being cut down, only for the same marines to be seen weeks later. It is believed that an apprentice of Stahl is directly assigned to the Forlorn to heal them in increasingly esoteric ways, driving them further into their blood mad insanity.

Fabius Bile
 - Though never seen among the Iron Warriors, Lycurgus Stahl is strongly rumoured to be like many traitor Apothecaries, an apprentice or associate of the Clonelord. Whether or not the Fabius is invited to the court of the Lord of the Reforged remains to be seen.

Mortal Elements

Charybdis Thorakitai
 - The 707th Expeditionary Fleet of Narek Lexer had a large human army that followed the Iron Warriors into rebellion against the Emperor. During the garrison of Charybdis the native forces of the Charybdis System loyal to the Iron Warriors were amalgamated into the Imperial army that supported them, donning a new title – the Charybdis Thoradkitai.

The Charybdis Thorakitai are largely cloned warriors grown in great vat factories beneath the surface of Charybdis Secundus the rest recruited from the Enslaved that manage to prove their worth to the Thorakitai (and survive long enough). The official rank of the Thorakitai have crude digital memories implanted, allowing for a form of immortality; along with enforced hypno-programming of obedience to Stahl. The Iron Warriors use the Thorakitai as true slave soldiers, with a few of their number over the course of many cloned lifetimes being allowed the honour of implantation and ascend to the ranks of an Iron Warrior. Despite this, the “true” Iron Warriors continue to look down upon these cloned Iron Warriors. The primary purpose of the Thorakitai is a line force responsible for the day to day running of the artillery train under the watchful eye of a member of the Iron Warrior Stor-Bezashk. The more independently minded are sent ahead to Imperial worlds as scouts and infiltrators to engage Chaos Cults already there.

The Enslaved
 - If the Chaos Cultists that pray for deliverance in the form of the Iron Warriors they are sorely disappointed with the outcome. Whether a captured enemy soldier, civilian or fanatical devotee of chaos, their fate is the same – enslavement and death. Treated even worse than the disposable Thorakitai; they are forced upon a world, as truly disposable labour, digging the trench works, then being forced forward for the enemy to expend ammunition upon. Worse still, the devout of Nurgle from the Covenant of Rust prey upon the Enslaved, forcing their latest plagues upon them. The most pernicious of these being the despair plague.  

 - The 144th Grand Companies fleet has been engaged within the Aleph Sector for a number of years. It is believed that a large portion of Stahl's fleet remains at anchor within the Charybdis system, still ferrying goods to and from Medrengard and ensuring resupply to ongoing war efforts maintained. Most of these fleets avoid engagement with enemy forces, but it is known that there are a number of Acheron, Devastation and Carnage ships among Stahl's fleet along with his flagship, “Stahl's Vengeance”, notably, major engagements have daemonically possessed or modified vessels, one being identified as the “Ghost of Rofocale” which historic records suggest was originally the vessel “Emmisary of Dorn” of the Imperial Fists, believed lost in late M32.

Emperor's Children (active)

Thousand Sons (active)

Moonface Catechism (defunct)

Word Bearers (left)

The Emerald Serpent (active)
Born on the still feudal planet of Palazzo in late M29, Marcus Lupane was treated to an early life of harsh conditions, roving warbands and an empire that shunnded those not born within its walls. Marcus was the 9th Son of a shaman in the nothern part of the main continent. Through his early life, he and his brothers studied the ancient tomes handed down through previous generations. These artefacts granted Marcus an unnatural sight. To predict. To forsee. He saw the most unlikely of outcomes in visions. Some say he was curses. Others, blessed. 

Marcus, recognising the gift he had been given used it to his advantage. He used the powers granted to him to acquire more knowlege. Through the knowlege he gained power and with that power, he and three of his brothers set the world ablaze. Nations fell before them, sacrifices were made in the name of the Dark Gods and Marcus, along with three of his brothers, was blessed with the most holy of powers; Daemonhood. 

Tzeentch had blessed him.

Torn away into the Warp by a storm which engulfed the subsector, Marcus was ripped away from ties of him planet and was informed of the warriors of the Emperor and their crusade. Feeling the warp bend to the will of a chapter, Marcus observed the Thousand Sons and their trials. He watched as their flesh curse ravaged their ranks and for his Lord Tzeetch to bring them into his embrace, just as he had Marcus. 

With the events of the Horus Heresy, Marcus joined the forces against the imperium. When the Thousand Sons finally submitted to the will of Chaos, Marcus broached a sect of them. Seeing the leadership of Marcus when Magnus and Ahriman had betrayed they, a section of the Thousand Sons submitted their will to Marcus.

They called themselves the Emeral Serpent.

For the next 10,000 years, the horde of the Emeral Serpent raided The Materium in persuit of kowledge and artefacts. They have attacked both Imperium and Xeno settlements and strongholds alike. Always with a singular goal in mind. With the attack on the Fenris System, the Emerald Serpent was requested to join the attack to bring the Planet of Scorceres into the Material Universe. They took part in the battle, claimed many Fenrekan kills and claiming many relics to become corrupted to Tzeentch's will.

When the Cycatrix Meledictum tore the galaxy in two, the Emerald Serpent took full advantage of the termiol and began to plunder the region around the Eastern Part of the Galaxy. Agreeing to work along side Magnus and Ahriman when a common goal or enemy was encountered, the Emeral Serpent has attacked and conquored the worlds in the name of Tzeentch.

The Blood Tide (active)
Born on the still feudal planet of Palazzo in late M29, Andreos Cain was treated to an early life of harsh conditions, roving warbands and an empire that shunnded those not born within its walls. Andreos Cain was the 8th son of a Shaman in the Northern Part of the continent. In his early days, Cain, along with his brothers, was gifted numerous artefacts that had been handed down throughout generations. These artefacts granted Cain abomnable strength and a fury as hot a the Star that gripped his planet. The roaving warbands of the North flocked to Cain. Being a creature of large strength, Cain began to wield an army.

With the gifts of the Dark Gods upon him, Cain, along with three of his brothers, marched upon the empire of the south and razed it. The streets ran with rivers of blood, staining a once peaceful land with the decapataed bodies of citizens. Cain himself slew countless defenders and innocents alike. With the Last few of the empire left, Cain, along with three of his brothers made sacrifices to the Dark Gods. Their calls were not unanswered as they were blessed with the most holy of powers; Daemonhood.

Khorne had blessed him.

Torn away into the Warp by a storm which engulfed the subsector, Cain was ripped away from his world and was brought before the Lord of Skulls, himself. Khorne, pleased with the way that the warrior killed and maimed his way granted him an army. 888 Bloodletters, led by 8 Bloodmasters with 8 Cohorts of Bloodcrushers made up the Daemon Prince's army.

They were known as the Blood Tide.

It was at this time that Khorne informed Cain of the Emperor and his Legions of Space Marines. Seeing the Opportunity to kill, maim and burn, Cain launched head long into the Imperial Crusade. Killing soldiers and causing wanton destruction. Cain slaughtered in khorne's name. When the Horus Heresy came, Cain joined forces and helped to attack the Imperials wherever he could. Launching wave after wave of the Blood Tide.

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, Cain was gifted a Daemonic Shrine within Khornes walls which in constanly drentched with fresh blood and the skulls of those who dare oppose Chaos. With the birth of the Cycatrix Meldictum, Cain was contacted by his long lost brother, Marcus Lupane, head of the Emerald Serpent. They joined forces and are currently battleling their way together through the Eastern part of the galaxy.

Children of Steel (eliminated)

Dark Exterminators (eliminated)
 - The Dark Exterminators ravaged the Aleph subsector for three years before finally being annihilated at Hartak by the Federacy. An astartes chapter founded in M32 known as the Stellar Saviours, Chapter Master Davross corrupted the chapter after being possessed by the daemon prince Kali.  


Federacy and Tau Empire

Tallaxian Storm Corps (active)
 - The Federacy in general favours lightning fast, aggressive and mobile warfare using combined arms rather than the more sluggish and hammer like Imperial Guard approach. The Tallaxians are the epitome of this doctrine with their Legions consisting almost entirely of mobile tanks capable of firing at speed, supported by artillery, air assets and mounted storm infantry equipped for close quarter fighting. 

Sartosan Rangers (active)
 - Sartosa used to be a primitive world but is eagerly embracing new technology supplied by the Federacy. It is by no means backward thinking but heavy and special weaponry are yet to become prevalent in the Sartosan military and armoured vehicles of any sort are non existent. Federal advisors are coaching the Sartosans to make use of their long experience of wilderness survival, hunting and nature lore to form excellent snipers and light infantry. The Sartosans excel in guerrilla warfare, ambush and sniping and are often deployed far ahead of the Tallaxian Legions and Brotherhood Cadres to disrupt the enemy

Librian Regiments (active)
 - Librian regiments are typically mobile and highly mechanised, and have fought in several campaigns in the Aleph sector including on Melberg, Myrentas II and Tarsis Major. However constant defeat to the Tau Empire eventually saw the entire Libria system fall to the alliance in 016/017M42, and now the remaining regiments are part of the alliance forces, apparently very willingly.

Hartak regiments (active)
 - Hartak is a cold, high gravity ice world famed for mining and manufacturing. Populated by abhumans known as "squats" Hartak provides extremely tough and hardened shock troops, often consisting of large tanks and bikes.

Federal Fleet (active)
 - The core of the Federal Fleet are surviving pre-heresy ships. Tallax maintains its own fleet of more recent Imperial class vessels and all their cruiser class ships employ Tallaxian Nova Cannon technology. 


Kel Sandros Craftworld (active)

Shattered Silence Kabal (unknown)

Disciples of Ynnead (active)

Beil Tann (unknown)

Alaitoc (active)

Iyanden (unknown)

Rillietan (Harlequins) (active)



Charnovokh Dynasty (active)

Harakhty Dynasty (unknown)

The Great Bahotekh Dynasty
The Great Bahotekh Dynasty are one of the oldest Necrontyr dynasties in existence and were known far and wide by all the other dynasties for their strange and unusual ways. They were a rather small dynasty and behaved mysteriously, secluding themselves from the other Dynasties. Even though they were small in size the other dynasties respected and feared them due to there unique ability to prolong there lives longer than normal Necrotyr, however they weren't immortal. This ability led them to have more advanced technology. The Bahotekh thought themselves to be better than the other Dynasties and they actively avoided territorial wars which led them to being very close with the Triarchs. If there were ever situations where a Dynasty became too powerful or became a menace, the Bahotekh would intervene and put the Dynasty back in their place, proving to them that they had no real power. However during the Great War against the Old Ones, the Bahotekh were reluctantly forced to play a part as the Silent King himself asked for help, knowing the dynasty possessed great technologies. During a Great War in Heaven, a lesser Dynasty saw their chance to remove the Great Bahotek so that once the war was over their meddling in dynastic wars would come to an end. Together with other lords of the Necrontyr, the lesser dynasty managed to tamper with the Bahotekh teleporters leaving them unable to leave the surface of a planet they were preparing to do battle on. During the ensuing clash, all the other dynasties present suddenly teleported off the planet leaving the Bahotekh to fight alone against the Old Ones.

Later the other dynasties returned to ensure the Bahotekh had been eliminated. However, in their arrogance they were undone, as unknown to the them the reason the Bahotekh were so strong was because they were the first to find the C'Tan. Long before any of the other Necrotyr knew of the star gods, they had had come into contact with a C'tan known as the BoneLord. It was using the knowledge of this being that the Bahotekh had prolonged lives, and unlike the other C'Tan the Bone Lord worked alone disagreeing with the ways of the other C'Tan. Believed to have died long ago by the other C'Tan, the Bonelord's brother entities paid him little regard and the other Necrontyr dynasties were unaware of his existence. In the battle against the Old Ones, seeing the Bahotek in dire peril, the BoneLord used his powers to teleport the remaining Bahotekh back to their home world planet - known as the Great Tomb of Bal, the location of which still remained a mystery to the other Necrontyr lords.

Once there, the leader Bal craved revenge against the cowardly dynasties that had betrayed him. The Bonelord then interjected, revealing to the Bahotek the secrets of biotranference. By this method he would be able to give the leader of Bal the great power and immortality, but unlike when this process was used on the other Necrotyr, the BoneLord didn't trick them. He left the lords of Bal with their personalities intact, and didn't enslave the dynasty, however he did demand the souls of the lower class as his payment. The lord of Bal agreed to these conditions, condemning millions to a mindless existence.

Once the biotranference was complete Bal was renamed "Bal of Bones". The Bahotek were not transferred in to the usual necron necrodermis bodies, but bodies of otherworldly bone, fused with the BoneLords power allowing their bodies to repair and regenerate. The BoneLord him self now lives within the bodies of the Bahotekh. However now the Bahotekh were finally ready for their revenge, the Old Ones had already destroyed the Galaxy with the Chaotic forces that now ravaged it. Therefore just as with the rest of the Necrons they decided to go into hibernation and wait for a galaxy rid of chaos when they would rise again, ever prepared to exact revenge against their kin that had betrayed them. As their armies remained untouched by the wars of rebellion against the C'Tan the Bahotekh still had the power of the BoneLord running though them - something no other Dynasty had.

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