Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wider Sector Events

Ork Raids in the Perseus Deeps
The Tau Empire was not only fighting on Melberg during 07.007M42. In the middle of the month the Orks attacked the Tau colony of Paratea, the smallest of the Tau possessions in the Perseus deeps. Landing in the hills around the Tau base the Orks led a ferocious assault the next Tau, looting and pillaging wherever they could.
The Tau commander on Paratea, replacing Whitefire, was not stupid however. He allowed the Orks to land and to attack the compound before launching his own counter-attack. Using the mobility of his Hammerheads and Devilfish the Tau commander wuickly had the Orks in a favourable position.

Railgun fire blasted apart their heavy armour (looted Imperial vehicles) and made a mess of their attack bikes. The Orks on foot faired little better as the tau weaponry blasted them apart, concentrating on keeping the Orks at arms length.

Where the Orks did reach the Tau the effect was devastating and the Ork warboss personally destroyed a Devilfish and its ten occupants in short shrift. The warboss however could see his raid had gone horribly wrong and withdrew from Paratea back to his fleet in orbit. Once again the Tau colony had defended itself successfully.

Hive fleet Triton reaches Libria
On 2307.007M42 the reports of Tyranid activity within the Librian system were confirmed as the alien creatures launched a ferocious assault on a small settlement in the equatorial region of Libria V. For months the Imperium had expected hive fleet Triton to make its next move and a number of analysts pointed to Libria as the next likely destination for the hungry alien beasts.

Libria, with its five populated planets and high population was ideal for the Tyranids to consume and grow. Without much in the way of a space fleet to protect themselves it was inevitable that the Tyranids would be able to land reasonable numbers of their warrior creatures on the outer planets without the defenders being able to stop them. The outermost worlds, Libria V and Libria IV were put on high alert in 05.007M42.

The first attack came swiftly with a concerted attack on the town of Kelaumar, with a population of 4,000. The inhabitants managed to get a message to the Librian PDF before being cut off, and the army arrived to find the town ravaged and its citizens devoured.

Then the hive attacked Libria’s armed forces, engaging in battle and taking many lives before finally being forced to flee. The Librians killed hundreds of the creatures but had severe difficulty harming the largest, winged, beasts. One of these foul creatures managed to escape and fled into the deeply forested polar regions of the planet.

As the Librians counted the cost of the Tyranid raid, more reports of Tyranid activity in the southern forests came in. Libria V was now infested…

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