Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Not a true Hive Fleet in and of itself, Megalodon is a splinter fleet from the galactic eastern section of Hive Fleet Leviathan. Believed to have formed after the natural passing of one of Leviathan’s Norm Queens, for some unknown reason the forces of Hive Fleet Megalodon abandoned the main fleet while calving a new Norm Queen. The fleet immediately moved further to the Galactic South East, looking for new hunting grounds while a new Queen was spawned. Shortly after, contact was lost with the large splinter fleet, mostly due to increased attention being focused on the larger forces of Leviathan and the imminent threat the main fleer posed to the Imperium.

Megalodon cut a swathe through the galactic fringes until it vanished over the edge, seemingly having abandoned the Tyranid’s normal endeavours to consume and destroy everything in their path. Megalodon was deemed a curiosity, but nothing more, by the Magos Biologis.

It has only recently become clear as to what had occurred. Hive Fleet Megalodon has returned from the fringes, much further around the Galactic South East than could be expected in such a short time. This new distraction could cost several worlds, or force the Imperium to reduce forces on the Leviathan front in order to contain the new threat.

Megalodon’s first contact in the Aleph sector was with a Tau Fringe force, however, it appears the first true target of the Hive Fleet is Libra V, already the site of a Tyranid invasion.

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