Friday, February 29, 2008

Northern Tyranids halted by 168th

On 2102.008M42 the regiment simply known as "the 168th" successfully fought of a concerted attack by the Tyranids on the northern continent of Libria from laying waste to Daralon. While units in southern Libria continued to fight in sporadic clashes against the Tyranids of Megalodon, the original invaders, an offshoot of Hive Fleet Triton, launched their own assault against the Librian city in the north.

It had become clear that Libria had been invaded by two distinct hive fleets, though it was equally obvious that the two were working together, possibly under the influence of a greater hive conciousness. This was deeply concerning to the Inquisitors on Libria V, and as the Imperial Guard valiantly defended the cities of the outermost of the librian system's inhabited planets, psykers scried for any sign that a full blown invasion of the system was imminent.

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