Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Zadoc subsector - Nazghat arrives on Danelloth

The first action in the Shadow worlds in 008M42 fell upon the small world of Danelloth. Somehow they had managed to evade Jellicoe’s fleet so escaped the same fate as their comrades in the Mabb Nebula, and a large force of greenskins deployed on the far side of the planet.

Their landing however did not go un-noticed and before long they found themselves under attack from a Necron horde, presumably woken into action by the Orls’ arrival. On the far side of the planet from the human colony,the sighting of the Necrons caused quite a stir amongst the population, and they were not relieved to find out that the high-tech aliens had been crushed utterly by Nazghat’s waagh!

The colonists now waited, wondering what the Ork Warlord would do next.Meanwhile the Imperium became increasingly concerned that the colonists would agree an alliance with Nutbasher, making it an ideal base of forward operations. Hastily, a force was prepared to remove the greenskin threat.

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