Thursday, December 10, 2009

The defeat of the Adeptus Mechanicus fleet was a blow to the Imperium as it appeared that the new chaos fleet's commander was not, as had been hoped, inexperienced and rash. The Imperium's fortunes were about to change however, as late on 0312.009M42 Jellicoe's fleet, comprising of the battleship Resolution and four cruisers finally arrived in the Farport system.

The chaos fleet, having driven off one Imperial force, now turned to meet the new threat. They could now call upon six cruiser, including two heavy cruisers, but would now face an immensely experienced admiral, whos previous successes against admiral Thokk and his predecessor's failures against the pre-heresy equipped UFP fleet would stand him in good stead.

The chaos fleet approached aggressively, in line abreast, while Jellicoe arrayed his ships two points to starboard, his vessels approaching slowly, keeping the short ranged Aboukir and Cressy behind gas clouds. The Repulse moved in behind Resolution, which took stations behind the six sword escorts. Glorious took her position in the middle of the Imperial battle line as Jellicoe attempted to fully utilise his Nova Cannons before the short range power of Repulse and the two gothics finished off anything which got too close.

The chaos fleet was organised as before, with the slaughters approaching quickly in an attempt to outflank the Imperial fleet while the Hades and Carnage provided heavy gunfire support. The Styx and Devastation kept close to their heavier consorts, ready to unleach waves of bombers or assault boats.

After a breif long range exchange which saw the Imperial escorts badly mauled, the Imperial vessels achieved their first success, hitting first the devastation and then the styx class vessels with their nova cannons. Repulse in particular proved accurate, crippling the chaos heavy cruiser. In just two plasma explosions the Imperium now had the upper hand.

Repulse herself took moderate damage as the Hades and Carnage vessels closed, but the Carnage class chaos vessel was brutally punished by the guns of Repulse and Resolution. Another chaos vessel was forced to disengage and long range lance shots from the Imperial battleship ensured the second chaos carrier would also pay no further part in the battle.

With three ships disengaged it looked like the chaos fleet would be obliged to withdraw. the chaos admiral however was determined to inflict some damage on his enemy, and he rashly ordered the two slaughter class vessels to full speed. At close range their gunfire did managed to cripple the Aboukir, but not before the lances of the gothic class cruiser and her sister ship, Cressy, reduced one of the enemy cruisers to a blazing hulk. The chaos admiral had his revenge, but at the cost of one of his ships.

By now, after nearly an hour of fighting, the chaos fleet was in no position to carry on. The Imperium had disengaged Aboukir, but with the Resolution undamaged the Imperium had four capital ships, including a battleship, to the chaos force's two. Realising the battle was lost the chaos fleet disengaged from the field of battle.

Jellicoe's timely arrival destroyed the last fighting force of the chaos invasion and essentially trapped the invaders on Farport. With only the Catechism's device to reinforce and resupply from. Although not a crushing victory the Imperial Navy had played their part in ensuring the Farport system remained in the shining light of the Emperor.

Imperial order of battle
Retribution class battleship – Resolution
Mars class battlecruiser – Glorious – light damage
Gothic class cruiser – Aboukir – crippled
Gothic class cruiser – Cressy
Dictator class cruiser – Repulse
6 swords – crippled or destroyed

Chaos order of battle
Slaughter class cruiser – unknown – hulked
Slaughter class cruiser – unknown
Carnage class cruiser – unknown – crippled
Hades class heavy cruiser – unknown
Styx class heavy cruiser – unknown – crippled
Devastation class cruiser – unknown – crippled
3 infidels – crippled
3 iconoclasts – crippled

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