Sunday, January 23, 2011

Space Wolves pursue own agenda

01.011M42 saw the arrival of two great companies of the Space Wolves chapter to the Aleph Sector. One had already been operating on and off in the area for several months, but the arrival of the second, unannounced and outside the control of Lord General Roover caused more than a little consternation amongst the higher echelons of Imperial high command.

Nobody seemed to know what they were doing in the region and the Space Wolves weren't volunteering the information. By now the Imperium had organised itself into a more centralised structure thanks to the successful crusade against chaos led by General Veers, Roover's most important general in the Aleph sector. Veers had set up a council for the crusade, consisting of the most significant generals, admiral Jellicoe, members of the various departmentum of the vast Administratum and several captains and chapter masters of the Adeptus Astartes. Even the Lamenters sent a representative, though this caused a great deal of upset amongst the other chapters and soon ended.

The Space Wolves declined the invitation, given on their arrival to the sector, and immediately began pursuing their own agenda. They began in the worst possible way, attacking the small force indentured to a mysterious inquisitor also acting outside of the control of the council. The attack was successful, though the Space Wolves admitted afterwards that the attack was a mistake, and that they had only been defending themselves, aggressively, after the Inquisitor had mistaken the force for part of the pantheon of chaos.

Following this bad start the Space Wolves went on to land forces on Gamordal, defeating the remaining Orks loyal to Da Verminator and then raiding one of the Necron tomb worlds before returning to Aethor and significantly fortifying the base. Following these successful attacks however the Space Wolves departed, leaving the base in the hands of the Inquisitor and his indentured Groznian Guard forces.

By 2701.011M42 the whereabouts of the Space Wolves were once again unknown and the Imperial generals none the wiser as to their agenda.

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