Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lorek raids the Deeps

With the Imperial advance in the Deeps temporarily stalled the Master of Chaos took the opportunity to further retard progress by increasingly turning to hit and run tactics across the region. Lorek's forces and allies had dwindled significantly, and now some chaos outposts in the Deeps had no defenders at all, save for a handful of cultists who could on occasion summon some daemonic help. Help which would often lead to their own demise as well as their enemy's...

on 0302.011M42 the Claws of Lorek sent a small raiding party to Ares on a vessel disguised as a privateer merchentman. The vessel succeeded in circumventing the Imperial fleet stationed there and landed its small specialist force onto the planet. In an orgy of sabotage the Claws small band managed to wreak havoc in the Space Wolf base before escaping unseen back to their transport. The Space Wolf base was heavily damaged and would take two weeks to repair, tying up valuable resources which Veers could have used elsewhere.

The Claws' second raid was less successful however as the Necrons on Cathasaea proved more of a challenge. Difficult to take by surprise the Necrons responded swiftly to the arrival of the small Chaos band and whatever the purpose of the raid, it was not successfully accomplished. So far Lorek's change in strategy had produced mixed results.

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