Saturday, July 09, 2011

Grey Knights fair badly

The Grey Knights, who had been concentrating on furthering the Imperial Crusade in the Perseus Deeps, moved their attention to focus on the Vastrid sector during 06.011M42. This was mostly in response to the increased chaos presence in the Cerrack Nebula, which presented a thread to the major populated centres of the subsector. Their first mission in strength came on 3006.011M42, where they deployed a significant force on Hogan's Fall to root out reports of daemonic incursions in the chaos forces which had invaged the Imperial outpost.

In finding the daemons the Grey Knights were succesful, but in defeating the abominations they were not, and the daemons proved to be more dangerous and tactically adept than the Grey Knights had expected. The Imperial assault was unsuccessful, and in repsponse the chaos forces mounted a counter attack which saw the Imperium lose ground on Hogan's fall. By 0707.011M42 the Imperial base was besieged and the world had all but fallen to the ruinous powers.

To make matters worse early 07.011M42 saw the Grey Knights mired in the inquisition dispute once again, this time coming to blows with the Lamenters chapter of space marines on Zog. The Lamenters had deployed to the world in order to assess the risk of the Necron presence, before carrying out an unknown mission. The Ordo Malleus astartes chapter had received intelligence that the Lamenters had declared for Xanthus and were planning a strike on Parataea or Skera, both Tau worlds, and that their real reason for deploying in the Perseus Deeps was this, rather than the official explanation.

The Grey Knights arrived in the Zog system and demanded the Lamenters "explain themselves". Once again however the aggressive arrogant display did not have the desired effect, and the Grey Knights were requested to leave the system. When they refused fighting once again broke out, and after several hours of sporadic skirmishing the Knights realised they had no choice but to leave, allowing the Lamenters to carry out their mission - "traitorous" or otherwise.

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