Sunday, August 21, 2011

Necrons resume activity

The Necrons of the Perseus Deeps had been almost inactive since the short Necron-Tau war of 02.011M42, which ended in defeat for the ancient race. For the Necrons however, who had existed for aeons, such a timespan represented less than an eyeblink to mere mortals. And, in 08.011M42 the Necrons appeared in action again. Having already reclaimed almost a third of the chaos world of Blight, the Necrons now appeared on the Tyranid infested world of Enaloth. Whether or not the planet had originally been a Tomb world remains uncertain, but a splinter of Nemesis had infested Enaloth since 010M42, and on 1808.011M42 Necrons and Tyranids engaged each other on the otherwise now uninhabited world.

It is presumed that Nemesis had failed to complete consumption of Enaloth because its main hive fleet was still many light years away in the Zadoc subsector. The hive mind was now readying itself to consume the valuable biomass of that subsector, which consisted of many more nutrient rich systems than the relatively barren Perseus Deeps. In any case, the Tyranids on Enaloth remained relatively isolated from the rest of Nemesis, and the Necrons appeared to take advantage of this, securing a spectacular victory against the bioloical enemy and establishing themselves on the world.

Shortly after the Necrons had resumed their activities in the Deeps, they themselves came under concerted attack on their tomb world of Gamador. In two apparently co-ordinated raids, the Eldar and their dark kin ravaged several Necron tombs, causing massive damage and forcing Necron forces to phase out on two separate occasions. Both forces attack with violent hatred, a pathalogical detestation passed down from generation to generation over countless millenia.

Of most concern to Imperial analysts however was the apparent co-ordination by two forces who many in the Imperium naively considered bitter enemies. If the strange Harlequin led Eldar were prepared to work with the Dark Eldar on this mission, what would it take for them to work together - against the Imperium - on other occasions?

Less than a week later, on 2408.011M42 the Dark Eldar appeared on Corticant once again, catching the Imperial defenders off balance by appearing from an area the Inquisiton of the Ordo Xenos had considered "safe". The Grey Knights were quick to respond, but as ever failed abysmally to counter the alien threat. Inquisitor Hathek then received intelligence that the Dark Eldar had appeared from an almost unknown Eldar webway portal. Perhaps the eldar had "repayed" their dark kin by showing them new ways to raid the lesser races of the Perseus Deeps.

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