Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zadoc: The battle of Celliano (images)

+++Top: Corellian Manticore seeks shelter in a ruined building.+++

+++Librian Leman Russ tanks assemble before the main battle is joined.+++

+++Librian and Corellian units including the Stormsword "Lance of Divinity", later destroyed.+++

+++The myriad forces of chaos, supported by a large daemonic contingent, counter-attack the imperial advance.+++
+++Corellian Vendetta support moves in to support the Librian Heavy Tank advance. In the foreground the indistinct outlines of two of the three eldar Wraithknights can be seen.+++

+++Baneblade "IronJaw" rumbles over the ruins of Celliano. The tank was later overwhelmed by daemonic forces and destroyed.+++

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