Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Libria III: Minotaurs retake Cartal

Following their success against the Loyalists in the north, the crusade forces were soon planning an assault against the alliance. With the federal fleet no longer a constant menace the forces loyal to Inquisitor Vorushko knew that the allied armies were at their most vulnerable as once again the strike cruisers of the Minotaurs and Sky Lords could be brought into play to deliver devastating aerial assaults.

A key part of this strategy was the non-intervention of the imperial fleet now in control of space around the planet. So far the imperial fleet under Jellicoe had largely remained neutral in the loyalist/crusade conflict, following the disastrous encounter between admirals Doenitz and Pendragon. In any case the imperial fleet around Libria III was under strict instruction not to interfere with crusade actions against the alliance, although the position of the fleet involving crusade attacks on Launceston's army was less than clear. Vorushko decided not to push the imperial admiral for the time being.

The Minotaurs launched an orbital strike against the Iron Warriors holding Cartal on 1506.015M42, having informed the imperial fleet their intention to attack the alliance. Unimpeded the astartes forces landed a devastatingly accurate wave of drop pods in the forested area just to the north of the city, cutting across the alliance supply lines. In the initial drop much of the Iron Warriors' armour was destroyed, and despite a hail of counter fire somehow the Minotaurs survived. Having failed to dislodge the space marine force behind their lines and now facing a broad frontal assault from other crusade units, Apollo decided to give up the truly ruined landscape of the capital of Cartasia on 1706.015M42.

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