Monday, July 06, 2015

Libria III: Loyalist retreat continues

While the crusade made significant gains against the alliance, the loyalists continued to retreat. In the south their toe hold on Farran isle was finally wiped out by the Iron Warriors in mid 06.015M42, the Novgorod guard largely surrendering with some even joining the rebel cause. Further north the Minotaurs were able to make gains against Launceston's forces, taking the region of Hodor from the Novgorod defenders.

The last offensive however involved orbital drops, and soon Launceston was protesting and appealling for admiral Pendragon to intervene against the crusade when they attacked what he considered "imperial" forces. Jellicoe however ruled that there was to be no intervention, although the fleet would only provide supplies as directed to Launceston's men. This irked Vorushko, who was loathe to stand by and watch as the imperial fleet unloaded supplies to her enemy, but since the defeat of Admiral Doenitz she had nothing with which to seriously contest Pendragon, and by extension Jellicoe's fleet. Her few strike cruisers and escorts could not be risked in an engagement against the imperial navy, so for now she was forced to stand by as troops, equipment and supplies made their way down to General Launceston's forces.

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