Thursday, March 03, 2016

Libria IV: Hard city fighting takes its toll

Following months of heavy fighting the Imperium, despite losses, had still not been defeated on Libria IV and still controlled much of the sprawling capital city of Porthaven. In late 02.016M42 commander Skyfall led another operation to break the imperial resistance in Porthaven. This time the tau drove straight for the Water Plant to the west of the recently captured Imperial HQ complex, but the defenders were prepared and waiting for such a predictable move.

The Lycaon Guard were in the forefront of the fighting and gave a good account of themselves. Experienced in fighting the tau and Skyfall's heavy use of battlesuits, the imperial defenders would not budge from their positions, and Skyfall wuickly found himself bogged down in street fighting. Unable to use their technical superiority against the humans, the tau withdrew back to their lines after several days of unsuccessful probing actions. The front quietened down, with neither side exactly sure how to proceed.

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