Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hylas: Crusade's arrival helps Van Dorn

By 04.016M42 the crusade fleet had swelled to hundreds of vessels, many of which were merely cargo or civilian craft coopted by the crusade and tagging along behind the military vessels. With Libria contested, inquisitor Vorushko realised that to tip the balance in her favour against the alliance, she would have to threaten the alliance supply lines. After convening with her admirals, it was decided that part of the fleet would split off in order to "spread the good word" across the sector, specifically the Mabb Nebula, where tau bases assured safe passage from tau space all the way to Tarsis Major and Libria. If these supply routes could be threatened, the alliance hold on Libria would be weakened.

A significant portion of the crusade fleet moved out of the Libria system on 0804.016M42 and arrived at New Cerberex on 1304.016M42. Upon their arrival they were quickly informed that the Bork fleet had been sighted at Hylas, and ork pirates were threatening imperial supply routes to Caitlen station. It was clear the greenskins would have to be taken care of before the tau could be harrassed.

A few days later the crusade forces, led by the Ecclesiarchy shrineship Ex Cathedra, finding the Bork fleet in the halo region of Hylas' volatile star. With the very first shot of the engagement the nova cannon mounted on Omnis Perdita Est crippled a Terrorship, setting the tone of the engagement. However, the crusade fleet closed in too early, allowing the ork hulk to exact revenge against the crusade, crippling then reducing Omnis Perdita Est to a smoking ruin.

Fierce close in fighting followed, but in the end it was the flanking attacks by the imperial escorts and the near-untouchable nature of the Ecclesiarchy Ex Cathedra which ensured the orks were driven off from Hylas orbit. Faith in the emperor had defeated the xenos threat, even when the hammer class ork vessel managed a boarding attack on a dictator class vessel, the frenzied half-starved pilgrim fanatics on board simply swarmed the greenskins, repulsing the attack!

Hylas had been saved from the Bork fleet once again, although General Van Dorn was a little concerned by the fanatical nature of the imperial force which had now arrived in orbit.

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