Friday, September 30, 2016

Loyalists beat off attempted takeover of Libria II

Libria II, although officially "neutral" in the Librian war between the crusade and loyalists, became a target for both sides in the second half of 016M42. The loyalists had lost Libria V and Libria I to the crusade, and had been forced off Libria III. Libria IV was beseiged by the alliance, so without Libria II, the loyalist cause was all but over in the system. Inquisitor Vorushko knew this too, and on 1509.016M42 landed a significant force of Raven Guard on the planet, and "visited" the imperial governor in Whittaker.

Realising this coup would effectively end the loyalists control of the Libria system, loyalist Inquisitor Hathek appealled for anyone holding to the Imperial creed to remove the illegitimate invaders from the world. The Space wolves responded, and in a savage assault obliterated the Raven Guard force encircling Whittaker and "freed" the imperial governor. By 0110.016M42 the world was staunchly loyalist, and Hathek appointed General Zhukov to defend the world from any who would stand against his vision of Imperial law. Vorushko began planning her next move.

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