Saturday, March 25, 2017

Libria I: Novato retaken, Vorushko visited by "old friend"

In 03.17M42 the loyalists on Libria I were visited by a new delegation. General Zhukov met with the leader of the armed detachment, recognising the Inquisitorial seal immediately. Introducing herself as Inquisitor Kataryina Greyfax, she brought him a message from Haskell. "I am well, receive my colleague in good faith. She is for the emperor in her heart". Zhukov recognised the writing and the specific inflexions of the great Inquisitor Haskell, and accepted Greyfax's forces and council. What was said between the two will remain private, but she did let the general know why she was here, and why she had come now.

Originally a Puritan Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, Greyfax had seen so much, and had her eyes opened in the fall of Cadia. This was the first Zhukov new of the fall and he grieved. Greyfax then told him of the coming of Guilliman, explaining that Haskell could not return to the Aleph Sector while events on Terra required his attention. Here however Greyfax had a personal matter to deal with. The crusade she said, must be stopped. The puritan view she had so ardently adhered to, had been proved false. The true purpose and will of the Emperor had been revealed to her and must also be revealed, through force if necessary to her one time friend and colleague, Natalia Vorushko, Inquisitor lord and leader of the Crusade...

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