Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Disaster at Jotunheim!

It started when the Imperial fleet, now composed of the Imperious, Galileo and Ceres identified Tau transports entrering the system near the ice planet of Jotunheim. The imperial cruisers raced to intercept with Galileo making contact first, encountering two protectors escorting three transports into the Hellheim system.A brief firefight flared up with the Galileo coming of worst. Crippled and drifting towards an astreroid belt her consorts arrived too late to save her and the protectors reduced her to a hulk.

Worse was to follow for the imperium as the protectors wheeled around an asteroid field and caught Imperious before she could defend herself. Crippled she was forced to withdraw. Ceres was last to feel the Tau wrath as the Tau battleship, nicknamed "Pinnafore" arrived to deal a devastating bomber attack. Ceres blew up a short time later with the loss of all hands.
During the battle the Tau were incredibly diciplined and handled their ships very tightly. This minimised the damage to some scorh marks on one protector and the loss of one transport, destroyed by a lucky nova cannon shot.Admiral Sturdee handled his ships roughly and paid the price. His ships failed to disengage, their shooting was inaccurate and ineffectual and their coordination poor. Sturdee himself survived the battle but was later "found wanting" by an imperial agent. He would never command the fleet again.

The battle is a great victory for the Tau who now control the Hellheim system undisputed. Imperious will have to return to Cerberex for repairs. Meanwhile the Imperial fleet is now forced to go on the defensive with fewer ships now than the UFP. The battle of Jotunheim is a black day for the Imperium which has left the imperial guard on Myrentas II over exposed. 6 more regiments attempted to run the Tau blockade and reinforce the Imperial forces. 3 made it, 2 were destroyed by the tau fleet and one regiment surrendered.

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