Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Penetrators

Formerly known as the Alpha Legion 7th Grand Company

The Alpha Legion 7th Company operated deep behind imperial lines and often was left without orders for decades at a time. Naturally, this did not faze the Company at all and they pursued their own agenda looking for worthy adversaries to better their own martial skills.

However, a prolonged cut off period from the intelligence and chain of command has forced this company to more and more pursue their own agendas and use their own methods. Following Alpharius’s teachings, the 7th company became self reliant and used every tactic available to them to bring destabilisation to which ever area they were in. Over a period of centuries, they became their own entity, and called themselves the Penetrators.

Although the vast majority follow Alpharius’s detailed combat doctrine, the Penetrators are renowned for using all methods available to them. There are reports of bloody and carnal sacrifices left in the sites this chaos legion has scourged. Imperial experts have quickly pointed out that these rituals are often employed by agents of Slaanesh. There are further reports of illness and disease following the legion’s activities. Perhaps this is a coincidence; perhaps it is indicative of something darker.

The Penetrators often engage in subterfuge and infiltration, they seem to revel in causing destabilisation everywhere they go. They will actively seek to turn a planet’s population against the Imperium. And while the brave forces of the Imperium battle with these blood thirsty mobs, the Penetrator Chaos Space marines pursue their true objectives unhindered, only to abandon the planet without a trace once this has been completed.

As yet, the Legion’s true objectives are unknown, and it isn’t known how they are replenishing their numbers. They are led by a mysterious daemon prince who is known simply as ‘Mr. Dandy’. Although Mr. Dandy’s death has been confirmed on numerous occasions, he always appears to return at a later battle, in a different location. Very little is known about ‘Mr. Dandy’, other than his evil cunning and lethal skill with a cursed blade.

Mr. Dandy has several Lieutenants who he trusts implicitly as Alpharius did Mr. Dandy. Many of these ‘Lieutenants’ are daemon princes in their own right, yet Mr. Dandy insists of giving them absurd yet menacing names. Mr. Joy, Moonface, Giggles are ones which have been recorded (often at the expense of our scouts’ lives).
When confronting the Penetrators one should be prepared for anything, for they have proved that they are capable of any type of assault and are brave enough or insane enough to attack any fortification, no matter how well defended.
It seems that they thrive on battling against strong opponents, and although they can be beaten in battle, this serves merely to tighten their resolve for dominance.


Possibly a splinter fleet from Hive fleet Behemoth. Little is known about them and they seem to be similar to every other abomination the Tyranids have launched at us. Code named Bahumut.

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