Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The second major assault on Whiteridge by Imperial forces saw a different plan used. Using the cover of darkness the Imperial armour of the Librian 101st advanced up the western side of the city while artillery pounded the chaos positions. Then at dawn a huge infantry assault was launched at the centre of the chaos line by the Librian 57th. Simultaneously the 101st attacked fornm the west, hoping the outflanking manouvre would break the chaos defences by splitting their forces.The battle raged for over a day but the chaos defences held. Over the preceeding few weeks the chaos forces had created enormous barriers to tanks anw were easlit able to fend of the combined attack using slave conscripts to plug the gaps in their lines. Casualties on both sides were high, with an estimated 5000 killed on the chaos side. However almost all these losses were slave conscripts. Meanwhile the imperial guard lost over 6000 men killed or wounded and half their tanks.

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