Monday, January 22, 2007

Protogonus Evacuated

In a daring fleet action the tau have evacuated the small base of Protogonus, presumably to reinforce the cadres locked in battle on Myrentas II. Two protector class ships accompanied by a Custodian capital ship attempted to breakout of the imperial blockade after picking up several thousand tau warriors. However in the battle which followed the imperial cruisers Warspite, Endeavour and Sir Robert engaged the tau, destroying the custodian class vessel Ores'Au in a viscious battle which saw both Sir Robert and Endeavour lost. Sir Robert exploded while Endeavour drifted into a warp rift while disabled. It is unlikely the cruiser will be seen again.
Despite the loss of the Ores'Au the imperial fleet took more damage, and the mission to evacuate the tau base was partially successful. Commander Longstride will be reinforced by several hunter cadres, providing the tau ships can successfully bypass the Iron Duke and her consorts, known to be patrolling the deeps...

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