Monday, February 26, 2007


For six months now eldar forces have been ravaging the island city of Selimac on Ravitane, killing and torturing the population with wanton abandon. The reasons unclear, but they seemed determined to provoke an Imperial reaction, such has been the savagery of their actions. Finally this week the Imperium replied, with the Blood Martyrs storming the city after a massive bombardment which reduced much of the city to rubble.The marines then invaded by air and sea, thunderhawks delivering their cargo of troops and vehicles in a steady stream. This was the long awaited operatio Moritorium.

In the city centre the eldar made their stand and the fighting was bloody, both sides taking extreme casualties. Teleporting Blood Martyrs from the 1st company of terminators caused much of the damage, but they also took horrendous casualties in the close in fighting.Though the Blood Martyrs were unable to breakthrough the eldar defences, the aliens quickly realised that the Imperium, now with its foot in the door on Selimac, would easily win the war of attrition. After several hours of viscious fighting the eldar withdrew, leaving a scarred and tortured city populous wondering why it had taken the Imperium so long to help them...

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