Sunday, February 18, 2007

Myrentas II: Allentown retaken in bloody fighting

On 1702.007M42 the small settlement of Allentown changed hands for the third time as units from the Hartak 7th legion stormed the town, taking the bridge and trapping 8,000 Imperial Guard on the east side of the river Ornz. If the squats expected an easy fight they were sorely mistaken however, as the Librian defenders put up a ferocious defence of the town, using the rubble as cover and deploying their heavy guns effectively. As such casualties were high, with 3,000 dead or wounded on the Imperial side, and over 2000 squats killed or taken out of action.

The Hartak 7th legion, though delivering results, are suffering some of their highest casualties in recent years. How long before the have to be withdrawn? Meanwhile the Librian 57th regiment are cut off east of the river. If they cannot breakout or be rescued the Imperial force on Myrentas II will be seriously compromised.

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