Sunday, March 09, 2008

Libria: Fighting continues

In the southern sector of fighting the Imperial Guard were left to mop up after Hive Fleet Megalogon's attempted assault on Yellowdale was thwarted by a lightning attack led by a force of Inquisitorial troops. However the Librian units, defending their own land, were too aggressive in pursuing their alien foes and the Tyranids retreated back into settlements in the hinterland of Thornvale.

When the Librian 12th regiment attempted to clear a mining facility in the remote region of upper Thornvale, the Tyranids launched a ferocious and savage counter attack. The fighting was bloody but the Librians, hampered by the terrain, were forced to flee after taking havy casualties. The Tyranid threat had not been eliminated from the southern continent.

In the north Hive Fleet Triton was still bottled up in the Acronia Valley, centred around the now abandonned city of Daralon. The Librian commanders decided to attack the aliens here and were partially successful. The strategy they followed was set to become the standard Librian response to the Tyranids. Move into defensible positions and wait to be attacked.

This strategy allowed the Librian Guard to score a tactical victory against the aliens, though at a high cost. Those alien creatures who made it across the intersecting fields of fire butchered all who stood in their way. The battle was further complicated by a random wormhole, created by the Librian scientists in Daralon, which had been allowed to "escape" since the sacking of the city. The alien creatures were even seen making tactical use of the portal to move their troops across the battlefield. It didn't always work out in their favour however.

Daralon remained infested with Tyranids, but by the end of 0903.008M42 the Tyranids had barely a foothold on Libria V.

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