Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shadowstrike pushes south

In the first serious activity in the new year, as the spring thaw began to set in in the north of Melberg, the mysterious Tau commander Shadowstrike launched a limited offensive to pinch out "the bulge" in the front line. The Praetorian 42nd regiment had taken over from the Librian 57th as the major force defending the Imperial centre, and they were anable to halt the Tau as they pushed south from Albor and took Russetica with little resistance.

It looked likely that Shadowstrike would inflict a shattering defeat on the Praetorians and encircle much of the bukge, taking the remaining Imperial territory in Gwendel and Terris Kingdom. However the veteran guard regiment, backed by Ogryn auxilla and Leman Russ units, halted the Tau offensive in Pelagur, keeping a narrow corridor open to the positions in the far west.

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