Monday, April 14, 2008

Eldar close in on Ball

In the end the Tau were almost baffled with how easy securing the artefact was. The UFP had no idea of the artefact’s existence and a simple “fact finding” expedition to Hartak was welcomed buy the squat inhabitants. It was all going to plan.

By 1004.008M42 the Tau were ready to make their move. Forces assumed to be from the Saim Hann craftworld attacked the Tau outpost on Parius without warning. Commander Hawkeye immediately reacted to the threat but thee Eldar had taken the Tau completely by surprise.

The ensuing firefight was viscious and rather one sided with horrendous casualties inflicted on the Tau. The damage to the outpost was considerable and the Tau command in the Perseus Deeps had no option bu to call for aid. They could not suffer this kind of assault without having to abandon their recently won possessions. At length Commander Sunstrike agreed to strip the defences of Cernunnos, apparently unassailable, to defend Parius.

The Eldar now began the second part of their strategy and prepared an attack on Cernunnos itself, to take the Ball...

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