Monday, April 14, 2008

Libria V is Cleansed

Following the Librian 12ths defeat in Thornvale the governer of the planet ordered maximum force to be deployed in the villages and settlements of the temperate southern region. Eventually the Tyranids would attack and that would be their undoing.

Having set watch in all the villages close to the Tyranid infested forests of the southern pole, the wait didn't last long. Soon the village of Devlan reported a massive tyranid attack involving thousands of small aliens backed up by the larger monstrous creatures.

Within the hour the commander of the 12th had deployed her Leman Russ battle tanks and Hellhounds and the tide of battle began to turn in favour of the Imperial Guard. Thousands of aliens died to the burning fire of the Imperial flame tanks, and the Librians pushed through wave after wave of Tyranid attacks, breaking through and rooting the beasts out of their hiding places. One stormtrooper regiment excelled itself, killing genestealers, hormagaunts and winged Tyranid warriors without sustaining a single casualty.

Less than a day later the sounds of battle began to subside and the Imperial commanders realised the Tyranid threat in the south had been eliminated. Only a week later reports in the north indicated that the Tyranids were attacking at random, in an unco-ordinated fashion. Xenos experts quickly realised the hive mind had withdrawn from Libria and celebrations broke out across the planet. The Tyranid threat had been beaten.

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