Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coronus: Trebbian Legion lose gains

Following the hard won recent victories on Coronus, the Librian Guard units were pulled out of the line and replaced by less experienced Trebbian forces. Unfortunately this move by the Imperium, though necessary, had dreadful consequences. The Trebbians had not had sufficient time to prepare for their posting and when the Ork Warlord seized the initiative the attack was brutal and overwhelming.

The Trebbians were forced to fall back, so fast that the Librians suddenly found themselves almost in the front line once more. Fearing that the disposition of his troops would lead to an Ork massacre the Imperial commander ordered an evacuation back to the trench lines dug by the initial Imperial Guard units deployed on Coronus. The retreat became a rout and the front collapsed. The orks gained all the territory they had lost in recent weeks and by 0209.008M42 the Imperial forces on Coronus were once again surrounded on three sides with the Dark Angels’ base a bastion of defiance.

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