Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Fall of Coronus

When orbital intelligence indicated the Orks massing in preparation for a final assault Captain Angelus resolved to meet the Ork attack head on and with decisive force. The cumbersome forces of the Imperial Guard were not ready to attack and could not be mobilised to meet the threat in time. Fortunately, a battle barge of the Ordio Malleus had mysteriously arrived in system and responded to the Dark Angel's request for aid. The forces of the Grey Knights and Dark Angels would fight side by side for Coronus.

Angelus well understood the numbers of the Ork horde and the threat they posed. Even with the aid of their Daemonhunter allies the Space Marines alone could not stop them. But they could hold them until the Imperial Guard fully mobilised and moved to crush the enemy.

Squad Lazarus was first to arrive at the scene, re-enforcing a small piquet of guardsmen already posted to the area. They reported movements of Orks and a concealed gun emplacement. The rest of the army was quick to follow, taking up positions whilst the Deathwing teleported in to deal with the emplacement. However their co-ordinates were inaccurate and they were forced to run for cover as the hidden Shokk Attack Gun opened fire. As the company began to engage it rapidly became apparent something was desperately wrong. Positive sightings of Night Lord Traitor Marines began to roll in all along the front at the presence of the Daemonhunters was suddenly explained. Angelus was enraged that the Grey Knights had failed to inform him of this threat. Seething, he repositioned his forces and a long range fire fight erupted.

After long hours of fighting the Imperials seemed to be getting the better of their opponents despite being forced to give ground. The Orks seemed to have been neutralised for the time being. Although they still possessed significant forces they were unable to close on the Imperials and their shooting was ineffectual. The Ravenwing had managed to roll up the right flank but as the day wore on the Night Lords brought their heaviest units into close quarters, including multiple units of Terminators supported by a Land Raider.

With the enemy closing Angelus ordered a full counter attack and a bloody melee erupted. The Imperials succeeded in annihilating their initial targets and the following waves of assault troops, but at great cost. Their Guard support proved even less resilient and the situation became finely balanced. However the Imperials did not have the heavy equipment needed to deal with the Traitor Marine threat and although the Imperials continued to hold off their opponents their defence finally crumbled as night fell.

With the Guard relief still not in sight and night closing in Angelus ordered his company to abandon Coronus to the enemy. The fortress was breached and nothing could save the planet now. As he watched Coronus receded in the view screen Angelus cursed the ineptitude of the Imperial Guard and the meddling of the Night Lords. There was still one hope for the Imperium in this region. Angelus would re-enforce the remained of his forces on Bothorion. After that there would be a reckoning with the Night Lords!

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