Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tau close in on Montgate

While the Tau were desperately trying to halt the apparently unstoppable tide of Chaos, Commander Star Fire, one of Shadowstrike's subordinates, was planning to build on Elan Ro's creation of a salient towards Montgate. If the humans could be forced to capitulate in the north then a much larger army could be used to face the Chaos in the west.Star Fire's assault began on 1211.008M42 and ended after just five days.

A true pupil of Shadowstrike the Tau commander's attack focussed on mobility, speed, surprise and envelopment, and the operation went almost perfectly. General Du Prez was woken on the 13th to learn that his commander in the north, Corchoran, was falling back to the city's defensive, to avoid having his army surrounded. Star Fire's planned flanking attacks went off like clockwork, and despite the loss of men and materiel, the operation was a complete success. The Tau even managed to partially surround the city on the eastern coastal side before a counter attack threatened.

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