Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wider Sector Events

While the four major powers fought over Tarsis, each had their own logistical problems to overcome. In the Rim worlds and Shadow worlds the ever present threat of Necron and Tyranid had not disappeared and infact increased in 11.008M42. The Ork and Chaos bases, many newly acquired, found themselves under repeated attack from Necrons and Tyranids, and both launched operations to clear the threat from outlying worlds. After several bloody battles both were very successful, and maintained their lines of supply to their home planets.

Despite the lack of an Imperial presence in the Rim and Shadow worlds, the Space marines, led by the Ultramarines were also needed to clear a Necron threat from an uninhabited system near the main Terra spacelane. In this they were also successful, which meant raw materials sent to the Librian Forges kept up with the demand for new tanks to fight on Tarsis Major.

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