Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daemons wipe out remaining orks

While the Orks in Merrin met their demise a similar fate befell those besieged and beleagured on the Island of Sartano. After a series of battles against Catechism forces the greenskins had been forced back into a narrow pocket, following the collapse of their defences and their resolve. Moonface decided to deliver the coup-de-grace through the use of his daemon allies, and following their summoning every Ork on Sartano was ruthlessly slaughtered.

Again the fragile alliance with the Night Lords was strained, but no-one could dney the success of the Catechism and its daemonic hordes.With the Orks beaten and the new front line against the Imperials in southern Sartano about to open, Moonface and his allies were extremely critical of the prosecution of the invasion by his Night Lord allies in the southern portion of Tuva. Here, unlike on Merrin or Sartano the forces of Chaos had known defeat. Moonface was determined to remedy this in the coming year.

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