Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eldar ambush Ork Supplies

While the Orks were invading Fort Aerin the bases of the Orks in the Mabb Nebula such as Coronus and Bothorion were left in the hands of one of Nazghat's lesser commanders. The wisdom, or lack of it, in this decision was soon evident when the Eldar appeared on Bothorion through an unseen webway portal. Still celebrating their victory the Orks were unprepared for this new raid and by the time they responded several thousand tonnes of supplies had been destroyed.
When the local Ork commander finally committed his speed freaks to attack the Eldar, who were by now falling back to their webway portal, it was too late, and the blundering Orks fell straight into a well placed trap. Thousands of Orks were slaughtered before the Eldar disengaged, and Nazghat was enraged by his subordinate's failure. Only time would tell whether the incident would have long term implications.

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