Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elan Ro raids Fort Aerin

On 2609.009M42 Elan Ro indicated his intentions of a new campaign in the Shadow Worlds. Though the details are sketchy, it is known that a significant force, including a fleet of several Protector Class vessels arrived, uncontested in the system of what was once the Imperial Fort Aerin. They landed several hunter cadres on the world of Aerin, striking hard and fast against totally unprepared Ork defences.

The destruction of several Ork settlements followed, though the fort itself, which had been extensively "konverted" by the Orks, was left untouched. As soon as the Orks realised what was going on, Elan Ro's forces left as swiftly as they had arrived, their ships hold's crammed full of useful resources with which to continue the expansion of the colony on Danelloth.

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