Sunday, September 27, 2009

Percivals new Offensive: Dark Angels strike

While the Catechism in south Alphe appeared to be showing no signs of attacking, and the Night Lords consolidated their hold on Snowwald Island, General Percival, unsupplied and running out of fuel, none-the-less wanted to get on with his planned offensive against Chaos on Alphe.

Percival was frustrated at the Imperial Navy’s lack of resupply, and now with the arrival of the Night Lords it appeared the Imperium had lost control of space around the planet. Although he was assured by admiral Jellicoe on a number of occasions that a new fleet was on its way, both men knew that it would take weeks for the fleet to assemble and depart for Alphe.

On 2009.009M42 the fleet had finally assembled, but, hearing the continued frustrated communications from Percival, the Dark Angels once again arrived in force on the planet, evidently agreeing with Percival that an attack north sooner, rather than later, would be preferable.

This was in part down to the nature of the force in northern Alphe. Imperial intelligence knew the Dusk Raiders were a lesser force than the either the Night Lords or the Catechism, and were supported by an alliance with the Dark Eldar. In addition the stories coming out of the Dark Eldar zone of occupation were so horrific, the Imperial army was keen to strike here first.

The Dark Angels agreed and spearheaded the attack on the sparesley populated region of Hulme Island, assisted by largely infantry based regiments of PDF troops, who would follow up and clear out any remaining resistance. The space marine force charged forward, using a fast and mobile force including a number of attack bikes. The Dark Eldar, taken by surprise, fell back, fighting a rearguard, before their force was spilt in two when the Imperial attack reached North Reach. While one force of Dark Eldar successfully disengaged, withdrawing behind Dusk Raiders defences, another force became isolated on the coast.

The aliens, cut off and with no hope of rescue, fought tenaciously and viciously, but were unable to prevent the inevitable. On 2609.009M42 their resistance broke and the entire Dark Eldar force was wiped out. The PDF following up were appalled at the scenes of torture and sadistic brutality, and found almost half the population of Hulme Island had been removed, facing a fate worse than death at the hands of the twisted aliens.

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