Friday, April 09, 2010

Corellian Redeployment

Wishing to distance himself from the recent defeats and failings on Tarsis Major, General Veers ordered Battle Group Redemption to disengage from the fighting and move away from the planet. With approval from sector high command, the 32nd Mechanised Regiment were to hold their ground on Tarsis Major, and the remaining units of the 5th Mechanised aboard the battle cruiser Imperious were to be moved closer to Betor. No longer acting as a quick reaction force, Battle Group Redemption were to start reinforcing the planets under Tyranid threat and still maintain a visible presence in the sub-sector to other potential threats to the Imperium.

With the fortifications nearly complete on Corticant, Battle Group Apocalypse under direct command of General Veers began preparations for launching a crusade agains the traitor planets in the Persus Deeps. After much deliberation between Veer's most trusted and loyal commanders, the inital target was set as Bastien. Although smaller more obtainable planets were within his grasp, Veers decided to launch a brutal inital assault upon the largest with smaller surgical strikes on key installations on the surrounding planets.

Without delay Battle Group Apocalypse departed on its crusade aboard the tyrant class cruisor Relentless.

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