Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shaidar Haran defeat the Tau

The Imperium were not alone in their troubles with Shaidar Haran in 010M42. In early 04.010M42 a significant portion of the chaos fleet clashed with the Tau on the warp lane between Cernunnos and Skera. In late 02.010M42, alarmed by the increase in forces by both the chaos and Imperial battlefleets, the Tau in the Aleph expansion sphere pleaded for reinforcements. Just over a month later a new force of some five capital ships arrived at Cernunnos.

They immediately began survey sweeps of the vital warp lanes between Skera, Parius,Lucardium and Cernunnos, the hub of the Tau Empire in the Aleph sector. It was on one such sweep that the Tau encountered the chaos warfleet and in a confused and frantic engagement the Tau faired the worse. It is known (though they try to disguise it) that the Tau lost at least three ships, though the losses of Shaidar Haran were also not insignificant. Even so, the Tau did not need a naval defeat at such a critical time.

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