Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aganthus secured for Imperium

In late 09.010M42 the Perseus Deeps campaign finally gained new momentum following the deployment of new forces. This was largely due to the influence and reputation of Maximillian Veers, who petitioned for replacements for the departing Porphyrian, Corellian and Groznyian regiments. In 09.010M42 new regiments of guard had arrived, though fewer than Veers requested, but enough for the lord General to continue his crusade.

While maintaining a defensive posture on Bastien Veers continued his efforts to control all the minor systems he could, launching a simultaneous assault on Cathasaea and Aganthus, particularly against the forces of the eldar which had been identified on Cathasaea, and continuing the fight the Dark Angels had begun on Aganthus.

The new regiments of Guard performed well in this operation, overpowering the eldar defences on Aganthus and wiping them out on Cathasaea. By 2509.010M42 aganthus was wholly under Imperial control and it appeared that Cathasaea was also. Junilant, Veers began the fortification of Aganthus and planned to land more forces to secure the unexplored regions of Cathasaea. He would never get the chance...

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