Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cathasaea claimed by Necrons

Unknown to the Imperium the eldar had been on Cathasaea for a reason. They knew the world to be an ancient resting place of the dreaded necrons and had stationed a force on the world to watch for any necron activity. They were totally unprepared for the Imperial invasion and cursed the Mon Keigh for fools as they were forced to abandon the planet.It gave the eldar no pleasure to observe the destruction of their vanquishers some days later, when the clumsy humans blundered into an ancient crypt and awoke the slumbering necron army dwelling within.

Almost a regiment of Guard were wiped out in the ensuing battle, but a determined last stand allowed at least a portion of the Imperial forces to escape back to Corticant, abandoning Cathasaea to the enemy.With three worlds in the Deeps now off limits and known to be under the dominion of the Necrons, some of Veers’ closest advisors began to suggest that it was the ancient threat of the Necrontyr, and not Chaos, which now ought to be of paramount importance. Many of these advisors soon found themselves looking for alternative employment.

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