Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bastien campaign - southern front

While the front line ebbed and flowed in the north, the southern front saw much more mobility in early 12.010M42. The Praetorian advance had seen Imperial control reach the outskirts of Meshuggah and Reaverton, and General Veers made plans for the taking of both cities. A major assault, backed by artillery and air power, would see the Caldon Guard move on Reaverton, while the Cerberex Guard would surround Meshuggah, take it, and advance north to eventually meet up with the Librians in the north. This was the beginning of Veers "final phase". Following the successful capture of these settlements Veers planned an enormous set piece battle on the barren plains of mid Bastien, employing his whole force and even Titans.

The offensive began well, and the Khornate units defending Reaverton soon crumbled before the Caldon guns. Meanwhile Claws of Lorek forces defending Meshuggah soonfound themselves overwhelmed by the highly mechanised guard units from Cerberex, and on 0312.010M42 Veers received news that both cities had fallen to the Imperium. The Cerberex guard had even pushed north as required into the mid plains. Then came the inevitable counter attack.

The Khorne marines proved to be more ferocious and had more forces than anticipated, and soon the Cerberex Guard on the mid plains found themselves defending themselves against a furious counter attack. Unable to set up defensive positions in the harsh desert conditions they were forced to retreat, surrendering much of the territory they had gained. However as the Khornate forces approached Meshuggah Imperial resistance grew more determined, and by 0712.010M42 their counter offensive had stalled. Veers continued preparations for his main assault, scheduled for the following week. The Claws of Lorek however had also been husbanding resources and preparing a surprise for Veers' "final phase".

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