Sunday, December 05, 2010

Necrons gain momentum

In 12.010M42 the Necrons continued their offensive against chaos in the Perseus Deeps. Another massive raid on Ares caused a great deal of damage and worrying reports reached Inquisitor Huron of the mass taking of slaves by the alien attackers. Then, on 04.010M42 another energy surge in the Deeps signalled the awakening of yet another tomb world - Scallius, and Huron began to worry about just how many Tomb Worlds there were in the region, and how many were now Imperial worlds.

The Necrons didn't have it all their own way however, as a lightning raid by the Rillietan eldar damaged their installations on Cathasaea and possibly delayed the full employment of the Necron fleet. Why the eldar chose to attack the Necrons remained a mystery, although the Inquisition knew enough of the history of both species to understand the deep hatred which existed between them. The Eldar raid had bought all the other races some time, but nothing more. The Necron offensive was still gaining momentum. Huron advised Veers on 0712.010M42 that if the crusade on Bastien wasn't brought to a successful conclusion before the year ended, they may face a war on two fronts which they had little hope of winning. Veers disagreed, pointing out the Necrons had so far kept their attacks to Chaos worlds, but Huron warned that this would not continue indefinitely. In the meantime Huron began searching the Deeps for signs. Which worlds would the Necrons claim as their own?

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