Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vastrid subsector: Achreom secured by Space Wolves

With Spinitus secured for the Imperium, General Pollack remained worried about enemy activity in the Radeon Cluster. Chaos had once again secured a foothold on the world of Sentinel in the Perseus Deeps, and with the Orks still allied, at least officially, to Lorek, the threat of the Orks building bases in the Radeon Cluster, the closest inhabitable worlds in the Vastrid subsector to Sentinel, caused Pollack a great deal of concern.

Gabriel's World was already infested, but Pollack felt securing Achreon, closer to Sentinel, was of paramount importance before any assault on the Orks. The Space Wolves agreed to carry out this task, but just days after their arrival an eldar force attacked them. Ranks of Wraithguard led the assault, but the Space Wolves were up to the task, utilising their strike cruiser in orbit to deliver reinforcements via drop pod. The eldar were defeated, but Inquisitor Huron was contacted. Yet another force of eldar had been encountered in the sector.

Worse knews for Huron was to follow. A Space Wolf patrol, on routine reconnaisance, made contact with a small force of Dark Eldar on 2401.012M42, and although they were eliminated, the corpses suggested they were not part of the Kabals known to Huron. It seemed there was no end to the alien interest in the Aleph sector.

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