Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tyndareous: Tau on the brink of victory

After a short period of relative peace the Tau renewed their offensive in 1201.012M42. Following the stalemate of the last offensive Shadowstrike's cadres once again spearheaded the assault. In the pre-dawn darkness the first the Zadocian Guard protecting Cranburg knew of the Tau advance was when forward pickets reported the sound of numerous jet engines. Tank crews rushed to their vehicles and sergeants bellowed at bleary eyed guardsmen, forming them up at the defensive perimeter. At first all was quiet and relieved commanders on the ground began to think it was a false alarm, but then the darkness was broken by the bright pulses of light and sharp cracks of rail gun discharges.

Blanketed in darkness and the ghostly mists of dawn casualties were initially light for both sides, but as the sun began to rise the guard suddenly found themselves ambushed by kroot auxiliaries, piranha skimmers and stealth teams. The Tau maintained their customary fire discipline, advancing cautiously at first and bringing overwhelming weight of fire against priority targets. As casualties amongst the guard mounted the Tau advance became increasingly aggressive until, with their supporting armour left burning amidst the ruins, the Zadocian resistance collapsed completely. Fire warriors began securing key objectives throughout Cranburg whilst Crisis and stealth teams scoured the destroyed city. The remnants of the Zadocian Guard were either killed or forced to surrender and the regiment ceased to exist as an effective fighting force.

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