Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Device Campaign: Aftermath

With the device successfully obtained by the Eldar, Hathek's alliance collapsed. The Necron fleet arrived over the planet of Sentinel, evacuating their forces but not attempting to steal the world, at least not yet. With Xanthus gone his remaining forces were slowly annihilated by the Ork and Chaos forces which now controlled much of the world. Hathek still held the Governor's Palace and Scrapyard, but now both sides faces a protracted struggle for control of the world, unless reinforcements arrived. Leaving the Space Wolves in charge, Hathek left in pursuit of Xanthus.

Lorek too saw his alliance collapse, as the Orks decided they wanted Sentinel for themselves. Lorek now had to decide whether fighting the Imperium and the Orks for control of a world he once dominated, was now worth the effort.

The Eldar plan had succeeded brilliantly, and with the chaos device safely in their hands they proceeded with the preparation of the next part of their plan.

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