Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tau keep Aornis Passage open

While the Imperial and chaos fleets battled it out in the Calliden system, the Tau fleet was also in action. Since the raid on Aornis, the Tau had found the forces of chaos even more willing to throw their forces against them, even though their resources were wearing thin. On 2811.011M42 another Tau convoy to Parius was attacked, this time by the Conquerers of Gorgoroth.

The Tau reaction was immediate and unwavering. A new fleet, having recently arrived at Tarsis Major, set off to the Rim Worlds to seek out an action with the new chaos battlefleet. Battle was joined near the Aornis system on 0412.011M42, with the chaos vessels coming off much the worse in a very one sided battle. Suitably chastened the raids on Tau convoys stopped, for a while, allowing Shadowstrike to fortify Parius significantly.

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