Sunday, December 04, 2011

Da Verminator asserts dominance

With the bulk of the Imperial and chaos attention focussed on the Perseus Deeps, the orks took the opportunity to continue their expansion into the Vastrid sector, and both Thrugnik and Da Verminator landed vanguard forces on Gabriel's world. Not finding any defenders, the forces of the two warbosses inevitably decided to see who was "da best", and fighting broke out between them. Victory went to Da Verminator and although the battle was a comparatively small affair, the slight to Thrugnik's honour would not go unnoticed.

A few days later, on 0412.011M42, Thrugnik's orks found themselves raided once more by the dark eldar, although they were able to fight their enemy to a standstill. The dark eldar had been watching the orks fight amongst themselves and had decided to take the opportunity to raid a weakened Thrugnik. The orks however were not as weakened as the dark eldar had hoped, and they went back to Commorragh empty handed.

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