Sunday, December 04, 2011

Necrons claim blight, make gains on Enaloth

The war on Blight came to a grizzly end on 0112.011M42 when the Necrons attacked the final stronghold of chaos on the world, defended by the hapless Covenant of Damnation. Mostly conscripted cultists, the Covenant lacked the equipment and supplies to hold the Necrons for long, and after the initial assault, the chaos defence of their world collapsed in less than a day. Blight had fallen to the Necrons, and they looked to the other worlds of the Perseus Deeps for their next conquest.

More worrying for the Imperium however was the sudden appearance of Necrons in the Vastrid subsector. Necrons had not been encountered outside the Perseus Deeps before 12.011M42, and the Inquisition was content to believe the extent of the Necron threat in the sector was confined to this area. Members of the Inquisition considered the Necrons a minor force, possibly the awakened remnants of a long lost fringeworld, but a battle between orks and Necrons on the world of Drift threw this assumption into doubt. Inquisitor Huron decided to give up on his investigation into the Rillietan for the moment, and determined to understand the extent of the Necron threat in the sector, alongside Lord Hathek.

Enaloth had been overrun by an advanced splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Nemesis some time ago but, distant from the Hive Fleet, it hadn't been consumed. Instead it acted as a psychic beacon, calling Nemesis to the fertile feeding grounds of the Perseus Deeps. The awakening Necrons desired to remove the Tyranids from Enaloth, both so they could rouse those of their number slumbering beneath the planets surface and also to avert the attentions of the ravenous Hive Fleet. Still in the process of awakening the Necrons wanted to avoid an unneeded direct confrontation with the full might of Nemesis.

Travelling through Dolmon Gates, Necrons from Gamador and Skera arrived within the still sleeping tomb complexes on Enaloth and began their assault on the planet's surface. Expecting any attack to come from space and stranded far from the guiding will of the Hive Mind the Tyranids were disorganised and uncoordinated. The initial attack of the silent ranks of Necrons scoured hundreds of Tyranids from the planets surface and having suffered such heavy casualties in the initial attack the Tyranids were never able to muster a significant counter attack. Even so, the vicious aliens had no conception of fear and fought bitterly to the end. Although the Necrons did eventually purge the planet it cost them more time and effort than they had originally conceived. With the Tyranid threat removed the Necrons began the process of re-activating their tomb complexes, ignorant for now that a tendril of Hive Fleet Nemesis, bloated from its consumption of Valboris, had already headed the call of its splinter and was already heading towards Enaloth.

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