Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 3

By the morning of the third day the Conqueror's of Gorgoroth, Covenant of Damnation, Aurora Angels and Praetorian Guard were exhausted and unable to fight. Lorek still held the central compound however, but had been forced to abandon his attempt to dislodge Xanthus from the spaceport, moving his ork forces back to the compound. At the same time, Thrugnik made a final move to capture the scrap yard and the Catechism attempted to find and shut down the eldar webway portal in the Bastern mountains.

Xanthus still clung on desparately to the spaceport, but by now he knew all was lost. He moved the Dark Angels in to help defend the spaceport, while sending the 24th Islandawandans on a certain suicide mission against the central compound to buy him and his entourage time to escape.

Hathek also had problems. His Praetorians were no longer a fighting force and he desperately wanted to stop Xanthus escaping. The Necrons offered him a solution. They would wake their brethren at the Ningbo tomb complex and overwhelm the Orks and Chaos. Meanwhile Hathek would be free to move on the spaceport, cutting off Xanthus' escape.

Now the eldar made their final play for the device. First they intercepted and defeated the orks at the scrapyard after heavy fighting, preventing the orks from gaining much needed resources. At the same time the dark eldar thwarted the Catechism's attempt to cut them off by destroying their webway portal. The Necrons, moving in force on the tomb complex, found their way barred by a further force of dark eldar. The ensuing battle and Necron defeat ensured that Hathek's faction would not be able to destroy the device.

In the Sentinel plain the battles reached a climax. At the space port the Cerberex Guard clung on despite a ferocious Spaec Wolf assault, allowing Xanthus to reach his fast Inquisition shuttle and escape. The 24th Islandawanda, supposedly sent on a suicide mission, actually managed some success against Lorek's forces, defeating them and relieving the central compound. However their success was short lived, as the orks made short work of the remaining Tau, while the eldar cut off their retreat, annihilating the remaining Dark Angels and ensuring the Islandawandans would be trapped between chaos, ork and eldar forces. As the battles here raged, the eldar used the tomb complex themselves to open a portal to the device. Just as Xanthus' outnumbered and outgunned defenders finally succumbed to the overwhelming Chaos and Ork army besieging them, and bestial greenskins and traitor legionaries flooded in, the device disappeared in a shimmering light, vanishing along with all eldar forces on the planet. The battle for the device was over.

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