Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 2

Following nightfall on the 8th, Hathek's Space Wolves and Praetorian Guard moved together towards the Sentinel Prime Complex, but as dawn broke they found themselves with a large eldar force to their rear and were obliged to give battle. As the eldar and dark eldar forces ground Hathek's forces down, Lorek consolidated his hold on the central compound by causing further losses to the Tau, who were the only one of Hathek's forces to make it to the compound on day two. The Necrons moved into the Governor's palace, defeating the Conqueror's of Gorgoroth, while Lorek sent the orks to deal with the Cerberex Guard at the spaceport.

Once again the Xanthus' loyal guardsman refused to budge, and Lorek was turned back. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't break into the reinforced fortification which housed the device, as a secure underground tunnel to the space port kept the besieged defenders supplied. Lorek was also frustrated by the interference of the eldar and sent the Covenant of Damnation north into the Bastern Mountains to find them. However, Xanthus had pulled his badly mauled marines out of the Sentinel valley to rest, only for them to make contact with both the Eldar and an enormous summoned horde of daemons. the results were catastophic for Xanthus, who almost saw both companies wiped out. The daemons then disappeared and the Covenant of Damnation effectively ceased to be a fighting force after this.

Meanwhile the 24th Islandawandans were once again defeated having retreated into the mountains from the Caverns of Argaash. This time the eldar battered the remaining tribesmen, leaving the remains of the 24th scattered and almost spent.

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